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Shipping doohickey

01-04-2008, 13:09
NOTING the repeal of "Ban Single Hulled Tankers"

REALISING the possibility of environmental catastrophe should certain chemical and other products be released into the sea following a hull breach,

FURTHER UNDERSTANDING the potential cost to smaller nations and shipping lines and wishing to limit this as much as possible

The United Nations, or World Assembly, or-whatever-the-hell-all-this-rubble-is-called-these-days. Well, honestly, I remember when it was the League of Nations. All this was fields back then. We didn't have fancy piles of rubbles and snack vans and kids with their hula hoops, no siree. We just had picnics and sorted out the world there. None of this fancy resolution rubbish. We just did things the old fashioned way - arm wrestling. All the countries used to send their champion arm wrestler to the League, and whichever country won the arm wrestle won the argument. Of course, that all went downhill when Hitler had a hissy fit when his Aryan superman armwrestler was beaten by a Chinaman. Hitler always had to get it his own way, bless him. Anyway, what was I waffling about, oh yes! hereby,

CALLS UPON UNSEAWORTHY to set minimum standards of spillage prevention systems to be incorporated into newly constructed ships that are designed to or may carry hazardous materials.

FURTHER CHARGES UNSEAWORTHY to set seperate minimum standards in currently operating ships to limit or prevent spillage of hazardous materials.

URGES, where possible, ship operators to adopt the maximum levels of spillage prevention as possible

Needs some fleshing out, but this is the gist of it