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Protection of the Past Arts

22-03-2008, 15:43
Description: I herby propose that any site discovered shall be excavated and protected untill 90% of the art has been removed. All of the art will be placed in a low lit museum as to protect them from damage and no photography is promitted.

Art includes:
any Historical writings

After the art is removed, the site can be sold and destroyed.
22-03-2008, 16:02
When will you learn the UN has no play in what we teach our students nor in where they may go to visit as per R171... by this section of it:
6. Entrusts nations with the right and responsibility to decide on the structure of their public education systems and the role of private institutions, mandatory, encouraged and prohibited subjects, skills and course elements in educational institutions, and the financing of educational programs, subject to previous UN legislation still in effect;

All art classes are to visit the museum at least once. After the visit they are required to write an essay on what they learned. Thus here it is doing just that as first it sets that we have ART Classes then it says how we teach those classes or where the class spends its time learning whatever the UN has decided.

Also why just protect fictional writing do you wish to not have them learn the truths told in factual writing...? And we do not know what poety is but know of poetry. Then one might consider vocal music an art or the playing of instruments or butchering an animal to see how it reacts to the act; or should I say the artist endevors of a sane mind.
22-03-2008, 19:03
I apoligize. I will be sure to fix it.
Quintessence of Dust
23-03-2008, 12:32
I was wondering whether you were aware of Resolution #216, "Protection of Historical Sites" ( Although we aren't keen on that resolution, it might serve to cover some of your ideas for now.

How about creating an international art database/repository? We already have a universal library, but we don't have anything equivalent for, for example, folk songs or traditional art. That could be a really beneficial project to protecting international heritage.

-- Samantha Benson
Congressional Liaison, Department of UN Affairs
Quintessence of Dust, Delegate of Wysteria