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Broken Nations
12-03-2008, 17:11
I was just wondering how members of the U.N get endorsements.
Do they post their proposals in the forums first, and then get endorsed in-game, so that they can then make their proposal? As you can tell, I am new so I have very little idea how the U.N works. Sorry if the answer is posted somewhere else, I am still reading through the references on the forum.

The Empire of Broken Nations
13-03-2008, 03:20
OOC: you get endorsements from by asking your region-mates for them. As long as you explain why, I don't expect they'll have a huge problem in flinging a few endorsements your way.
13-03-2008, 23:07
Welcome to the UN, Broken Nations. Gobbannium's already given you the good oil, but I just thought I'd add: it's a good idea to post your draft proposal here first, before you submit it.

The UN regulars will help you knock it into shape, or tell you why it won't work. It's much better to submit a legal proposal or be persuaded to dump an illegal one than to submit something plainly illegal and get one of those kind, understanding modly telegrams ... :p

By the time you've got it ready to go, you'll probably have the two endorsements from UN members in your region that you'll need to submit it.