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Proposal: Food and Drug Act

Shangri La-La-La
27-02-2008, 23:26
Food and Drug Act

UNDERSTANDING that the quality and sanitation of consumable items is important for the health and well-being of the consumer

BELIEVING the individual has the right to know what he/she/it intakes into his/her/it’s body

RECOGNIZING that the consumer has the right to know what they are buying with their money

Be It Resolved...
That the U.N. nations should mandate companies to label the ingredients and nutritional information about the processed foods they produce on the package in which such food is contained for international shipping.

To FULFILL its mandate, the U.N. will elect a council to manage the inspection of food that is being shipped internationally. This Council shall be here on referred to as the United Nations Department of Food (UNDF).

COMPANIES who participate in international food shipping must register with the UNDF and will be subject to inspection by UNDF. Complying companies will be able to have their products marked with the UNDF seal, thus ensuring consumers the quality of their consumable items.

VIOLATORS and companies found to be labeling their food incorrectly will have their registration suspended or revoked and the UNDF will issue a warning to consumers about the negligence of the company as well as not marking the food with the UNDF seal of approval.

Be it also resolved…
That the United Nation should inspect the quality and physiological effects of internationally shipped pharmaceutical health items and release reports on the general quality and known side-effects of the aforesaid pharmaceutical items.

To UNDERGO this resolved, the UN will elect a council to manage the inspection and testing of internationally shipped pharmaceutical items. This council shall be here on referred to as the United Nations Department of Pharmaceutical Items (UNDPI).

APPROVED pharmaceutical items will be marked with the UNDPI seal of approval as well as a list of the ingredients and side-effects of the medication. This will benefit consumers and give them comprehensive knowledge of the risks involved with taking the medication.

COMPANIES not wishing to comply with UN regulations will be publically listed for consumers’ information as well as not carry the UNDPI seal of approval.

MEDICATION that is found to be dangerous will be put on public record for consumers’ benefits and will not carry the UNDPI seal of approval.

The IMPACTS of this resolution …
Will provide better quality of international shipping and vital knowledge to the consumer

Will not interfere with the sovereignty of the individual nation as it manages only international shipping

Will not hinder free trade as it does not restrict unapproved material from being sold internationally; rather it only issues warnings to alert the consumers of what they are buying

Will not hinder unprocessed agricultural products from being sold internationally as it only mandates processed food

Will allow individuals to avoid particular ingredients in processed food because of personal beliefs

Status: submitted but is currently lacking approvals

This bill is my first and I would appreciate any feedback. While the topic, I realize, may not be the most exiting, I believe that its impacts are worth considering. So if any regional delegates are willing to give it a chance, please approve it. Thanks, Tani of Shangri La-La-La
07-03-2008, 21:35
I have only one question which I feel should be answered before any serious consideration of this proposal can be undertaken by our most-lovely-yet-ponderous organization.

Given the tremendous bureaucratic burden presented by such a system, would it be out of the question to include a clause that provides for the UN to sanction a nation's existing food and drug agency, and take its recommendations at their word? It seems easier to inspect an agency rather than the sum gross domestic product of its pharmaceutical and agricultural sectors.