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Proposal for Apoclypsia to be a U.N Protectorate

25-02-2008, 20:05
Greetings, cheifs, warriors and shamans of the United Nations!

I am Prezahdint Ronald Washington, of the Black Moon Clan, chief of the Red Winggz Tribe of Misheginn. Our people request the U.N give us a probationary seat on the the U.N, and that we be declared a Protectorate of the United Nations.
Many, many seasons ago, the Gods grew angry with us for being weak and for abusing the gifts they gave us in nature. The Gods cursed us by sending exploding arrows that brought the Godfire apoun us. We cowered in the caves below the Earth for many, many seasons untill the Earth healed and the Shamans of the Bin Franlin Spirit Society used theirmagic to bring the animals back to life. Our sacred city of Washeeten was damaged, and the Temples to the Gods, such as Abrahem Leanken, whos Temple is in the sacred city of Washeeten.
Since then, we have sworn off the dark sorcery of the ancients and living by the Declarashun of Indeependenze and the Constahtooshun. We have not the weapons of mass death, nor the fire arrows of Godfire, nor metal birds to drop exploding eggs on our foes.
We therefore request that you assing warriors who are also magicians and socerers with mighty war magic to protect the people of Apoclypsia. We will reward such nations that loan their warriors and magicians who know the war magic with diamonds, amethysts, topazes and precious metals that will make your heart rejoice.
Brothers, vote soon on this before evil men with hate in their hearts turn to Apoclypsia with their war magic and kill our people, perhaps, with the Godfire again! My brothers, please, we do not wish to see the land perish and our women and young die in agony, to see them grow thin with famine and sickness!
25-02-2008, 20:39
Regrettably, the United Nations does not grant protectorate status to member states. Member status is voluntary; you can become a member anytime you like, provided you stick to the rules. Finally, if you seek defenses against magical foes, you might try courting Ardchoille ( as a friend and ally. They can teach you how to hold off unfriendly incursions, including the application of (self-styled) "Godmoding" skills and magical shields. Contact President Dicey Reilly at the Strangers' Bar. As her term extends for the duration of her immortality, she's gonna be there for awhile.

Sammy Faisano
Ambassador to Ardchoille
SilentScope Embassy
25-02-2008, 21:48
(OOC: Here ( is a previous topic that states exactly the same thing. The topic wasn't deleted, it was just old, and dropped out. Jolt defaults to only showing the most recent threads, your thread is still there.)

Just repeating that I am willing to assist in whatever you need help with.