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Support Repeal of "End Barbaric Punishments" Resolution #41

23-02-2008, 08:51
Whereas, The United Nations recognizes the good intentions of the original proposal to “outlaw and prevent torturing of witnesses to receive information”

Whereas, the resolution limits the scope of the definition of the word torture and defines it as simply, “breaking bones, blinding and bruising people”.

Whereas, the cruel and unusual punishment ban located within this resolution, should be an entirely separate resolution because it embraces an entirely different subject.

Whereas, the resolution does not provide a definition for how much a “substantial fine” would be for a member-nation which violates this ban.

Therefore be it resolved, that United Nations Resolution #41 is repealed.

Therefore be it further resolved, that the issues of cruel and unusual punishment and torture need to be examined further be the United Nations.
25-02-2008, 04:23
The final paragraph is treading awfully close to the line of attempting to bind the UN's future choices, which in a repeal is doubly illegal. Further, the presence of such a clause will lead nations such as ourselves to ask to see your proposals for dealing with the subject before we could conceivably support any such proposal. We recommend that you either drop it or outline a replacement proposal now.