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[Proposal] "Casino Regulations" Moderate Regulations / Legalization of Casinos

14-09-2007, 08:54
DEFINING important terms binding for this resolution only

CASINO: Any commercial or non-commercial venue that offers legal wagers
GAMBLING: The legal wager of anything of material value, including but not limited to- currency, commodities, etc.
CASINO GAME(S): A standard wager in the form of a game, including but not limited to- cards, bingo, slot machines, etc.
PAY-OUT TABLE(S): the odds of rewards and amount of reward for all casino games

OBSERVING that gambling is inherently addictive to many citizens, and that said addiction has a detrimental effect on the livelihood of many

RECOGNIZING that outlawing gambling will increase the number of underground casinos that are harmful to attendees and society in general

RESOLVING to allow legal casinos to operate under regulations by the government to prevent abuse

REQUIRING all casinos to:

-post pay-out tables at each entrance of a casino
-allow government officials complete access to the security systems

ALLOWING casinos to eject customers at any time provided that the customers have been paid according to the pay-out tables and to refuse entry to potential customers at any time

NOTING that governments are free to choose whether or not to allow new casinos

RESTRICTING closing down casinos by governments to the following circumstances:

-casino staff and/or dealers caught manipulating or tampering with casino games to change the odds and/or pay-outs
-failure of casino to allow access of monitoring system to government officials
-casino staff and/or dealers caught breaking the laws of the nation

RECOMMENDING a flat tax of 5% by each government on the casinos' revenue for the costs of regulating legal casinos and prosecuting non-compliant casinos and their owners


Care to discuss?
14-09-2007, 12:01
whilst harmonizing casino laws across all nations can be good, there are a couple of issues that need ironing out.

1) restricting reasons for closure of casinos. if a casino bought unwelcome crime and anti social behaviour to the area around the casino, the government would want to close it, but wouldnt be able to. also it doesnt allow for whether the casino meets local requirements, fire codes, planning rules, pollution etc. whilst these would be grounds for refusal to let one start up in the first place, the forementioned negative effects may not have been properly cosidered at the aplication stage, and the government would be powerless to close the casino if it became unsafe, or was to become a crime magnet.

2) the 5% thing. casinos are money makers, and therefore can handle more than 5%. would this be on top of corporate and profit tax? however by using the word recommend, you kept it legal as the un can't mandate taxes on nations.

3) what about small time outlets and bookmakers, and any lotto games that may occur in individual nations, as that is a form of gambling. im sure the small retail outlets would not approve of being classed as 'casinos'.

4) Category. Im assuming free trade?

apart from that good job, mines 50 cannibals on red!
The Most Glorious Hack
14-09-2007, 14:35
4) Category. Im assuming free trade?No, it'll have to fit into the Gambling category.
14-09-2007, 15:02
We have many similar reservations to those expressed by the representative from TheCraigzone. In particular we would be unwilling to support a proposal which prevented us from closing down a business which was behaving in an illegal manner other than either of the two specified, for example by posting false odds or doing something more mundanely criminal such as arranging the mugging of successful gamblers.

We would also suggest a small amendment to the ALLOWING clause:

ALLOWING casinos to eject customers at any time provided that the customers have been paid according to the pay-out tables and to refuse entry to potential customers at any time
The current phrasing, "after", has a mild suggestion that customers cannot be ejected until they have won at least one game, which we are sure the proposer did not intend. The slight rewording we offer for consideration would remove any hint of that possibility.
16-09-2007, 05:22
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