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Proposal: UN Broadcasting Agency

13-09-2007, 09:04
CATEGORY- Furtherment of Democracy
PROPOSED BY- TheCraigzone

This proposal is calling for the establishment of a full time, multimedia UN Media and Information agency (UNMIA), which will broadcast its own information across many platforms. This will promote internationalism, sharing of ideas and cultures, and show individual citizens what the UN is all about. It will also act as a platform for debate, where leading experts and academics can discuss the UN and its resolutions.

This resolution is;

CONCERNED that the UN does not promote its function's well enough, and in a media dominated universe, the UN will need to adapt;

RECOGNISES Free speech the need for a fair and balanced view of the UN, which will be safeguardred by a board of trustees who will ensure the highest standard of accuracy;

ESTABLISHES a Multimedia Information Agency that will Be the external media and broadcaster for the UN.. It would have dedicated channels, in different languages and run news programes. It would have features on resolutions, and have debating panels about the merits of the UN and specific proposals. The UN would seek out respected news anchors and journalists to front such shows. It would also be responsible for sending transcripts of all UN meetings to universal library.This resolution further;

RECOMMENDS all UN countries adopt the UNMIA into their schedules/news stands/ digital outlets, in order to promote the good work of the UN;

RECOGNISES that UN Media does not have to be followed by countries if they so wish, and would be subject to the media and free speech laws in each country.

This was solely a Craigzone proposal.
(and a 1st, so be nice)
13-09-2007, 09:29
I actually like this idea.

Two issues though:

1) Many clauses of the proposal are just rhetorical window-dressing and could be deleted to enhance readability. In particular, I'd delete the first clause (since not every UN member is a democracy), and also the clause "NOTES the need for serecy in regards to international security", since I don't see how this proposal would affect international security at all.

2) I may be off-base here, but the part about the UN budget funding it, and gnomes staffing it, doesn't sound quite right to me. Is that how it would actually work?

Also, I'd add more content, as to what actual services this entity would offer. Overall, though, I'd say not bad for a first effort.
13-09-2007, 09:59
my responses:

1) ok, ive deleted the first clause.

2) the UN broadcsting agency would be about openness and accountability, but the security thing is important, as if confidential reports obtained by intelligence assets were being read, it could undermine one of the nations security. i just wanted to safeguard nations security from the broadcastng agency.

as for the gnome thing, i thought that was the only legal way to do it as the gnomes carry out the UN's work, and this would be considered as UN work.
It's unimportant who actually works, i was just trying to cover myself.

As for what the UN Broadcasting Agency would do, it would have 3 main functions
1) Operating the UN press office and media centre, to look after foriegn hacks and be a central place where UN press conferences would be held. This is just to streamline the UN, in regards to media relations.
2)Operating the radio station at NSUN HQ. This would keep everyone in the loop about what was happening at the UN, and offer public service annoucements 'the lift in the main lobby is out of order today' and 'this committee will sit at 2pm today'.
3) Be the external media and broadcaster for the UN. This is the biggy. It would have dedicated channels, in different languages and have news. It would run features on resolutions, and would have debating panels about the merits of the UN and specific proposals, and maybe responses to any international incidents. It would also have travel information about different Nation's and whilst 99% of the operations would be carried out by gnomes, the UN would seek out respected news anchors and journalists. Also the Agency would try its upmost to ensure accuracy and even handedness, as its prime target is to inform the user, not be a UN basher/cheerleader.
The Genoshan Isles
13-09-2007, 17:04
OOC: Kinda like the C-SPAN of the NSUN. I can dig it.

IC: An excellent attempt. If it's cleaned up a bit, then by all means submit it! You have my support.

-- Marcus Diegaus III
13-09-2007, 17:53
Mentioning the gnomes, the UN budget (which doesn't exist) and UN Headquarters is Metagaming. Moderators don't like to see specific patterns of roleplay referenced in proposals; they let the "multiverse" thing slide recently, but I'm pretty sure they'd delete this one.
13-09-2007, 18:35
It is a good idea, but does it really need a proposal? You could just RP the thing into existence.

The basis already exists. You've got the equivalent of a Hansard to quote, in the debate threads on each proposal. There's an (RPd) CCTV video link between the General Assembly and the Strangers' Bar and many nations' UN offices, and surely simple announcements about meetings and wonky lifts are already handled by the (already RPd into existence) Building Management. Many nations run media reports on UN activities, so there must be a Press Gallery. It's also been RPd (again in the Bar) that there's a pool arrangement for reporters on the more tedious debates, which suggests that there's a wire service. Ariddia has a TV journo who interviews movers and shakers (not always UN ones).

All you need do is say it exists and run some RPs based around it (probably in International Incidents). If enough people accept that it exists, then it exists. If you want to insist that it be unbiased, then RP a staff meeting about its aims. Put a permanent link to any RPs in your sig and, voila, it's in business.
13-09-2007, 23:56
yeah but this is about efficiency and promoting the un, informing people.

i can easily dump the metagaming parts of the text, though need some guidance as to what qualifies as metagaming and what does not.

and the RP is RP. Strangers bar's just weird, the idea of this is to further democracy. i can just cut the nittty picky admin bits.

and the cspan comparison is actually quite accurate
14-09-2007, 01:08
This draft needs a lot of work, but we think the effort is worth pursuing. We wouldn't rule out supporting it. Some comments....

We don't see any need for the "international security" clause. What "intelligence assets"? What "confidential reports"? This just adds an objection magnet.

Lose the term "hacks". We share your obviously rather low opinion of journalists, but there's no sense being in-your-face about it.

The proposal really goes way beyond broadcasting. How about "UN Information Agency"?

The NOTES, REALIZES, RECOGNIZES and UNDERSTANDS clauses need to be put up front, in the preambulatory section. You want to keep arguments and actions separated, so people can tell which is which.

It's a good start, worth working on.

Lorelei M. Ahlmann
14-09-2007, 02:07
your concerns have been duly noted and the Daft Invader has met your concerns in the text.

ooc: i was using broadcasting as just the name, in the sense the bbc use it. it was just a convenience thing, as the bbc also goes beyond broadcasting. but its ok ive hanged the name to the UN Media and Information Agency (UNMIA)
14-09-2007, 04:37
We are very pleased to see a proposal of this nature, since the GDG (Gwasanaeth Darlledu Gobbannaen or Gobbannium Broadcasting Service) is predicated upon similar lines of public service.

We suggest that the honoured ambassador has been perhaps a little overzealous in following the advice from the Ausserland delegation, in that some clauses which are operation in nature rather than justificatory have moved too far up the proposal. In plainer language (since the look our Permanant Undersecretary is giving us suggests that our linguistic excesses are possibly not helping), some of the earlier clauses reference the UNMIA and give guidance to its activities long before it is established. In particular, we feel that it is inappropriate to state that the UNMIA should be neither advantaged nor disadvanted in the media market, or recommend that nations subscribe to it, before actually defining what it is.

We are also a little unclear as to what the REALISES clause actually means in practice. This may be an entirely reasonable state of affairs, and clarifying the clause in the proposal may in fact be counterproductive, but we would appreciate if the ambassador could elucidate a little in this discussion. We fully concur that the UNMIA should exist on a level playing field with other interested parties, we are not certain what this should translate into.
14-09-2007, 05:27
Seems to me the C-SpUN network would be a good enough idea for a proposal, without the other elements (the press office and the radio station strike me as a bit dull -- and besides, the name "Information Agency" has slightly fascist undertones). Although I really would like to know how a UN press agency would "increase democratic freedoms" in member states. You need to find a category there, buddy, and quick, before Fris shows up and starts screaming "OMG WRITE TO THE CATEGORY!!"

14-09-2007, 09:54
Ok GOBB thanks for the input and ive restructured the argument's, with two philosiphical style clauses at the top, and the two that describe the UNMIA's actions beneath the description of the agency. The Daft Invader cordially respects and admires the permanent undersecretary's beliefs regarding the linguistic excesses and indefatigable pursuit of clear stated objectives...
OOC: no more watching yes minister for me.

And Kenny, with better informed people about the world around them, they would be empowered, and could use this this power to hold their governments to account. Also in countries with overly biased media against internationalism, the UNMIA could counter, with using just the facts. A better educated people is better for society and therefore furthers democracy.
OOC: Gladstone was a principal believer in this.
However, if anyone can see a more appropriae caegory, let me know.

And also i've dumped the whole radio station and press office idea. It was a good idea, but if it can't be coded into the game, what the point? therefore it's gone. As for it's name, it's the UN MEDIA and Information agency, not just Information Agency. I had the same beliefs you did so thats why it's the UNMIA not just UNIA. But as i've made these changes, it's only role is a media netwok. Should i go back and call it under its original name, the 'UN Broadcasting Agency'?
15-09-2007, 04:51
Okay (raises umbrella to avoid expected shower of projectiles), difficult though this is to say, I think this needs -- a committee.

Or rather, an independent board of commissioners. A Commission. Reason: if you set up any sort of media outlet, there's going to be a need for policy decisions, things that will need the weight of the UN behind 'em, not just the authority of a management hired to run the thing day to day.

Example: You want it to produce material and you want nations to use it. Charging money for it is going to be a deterrent. So, are you going to let nations use the stuff free? And will it be totally public domain, Creative Commons licensing, or what?

Will you retain any sort of control so Nastynation can't misuse segments of your beautifully balanced documentary on Nicelot?

If the Sparky the UN Puppet children's show becomes wildly popular, will the UNMIA be able to cash in by endorsing the production of Sparky soft toys?

UNMIA does an informative, unbiased documentary on Cheatem, a UN nation. It makes clear that the people of Cheatem are starving while the President of Cheatem is driven round in a gold-plated limo. Cheatem demands the suppression of the documentary, on the grounds that it IS SO biased and this is UN action by stealth, the UN is condemning Cheatem without even letting nations vote on it ...

A proposal that tried to deal with this sort of detail would be doomed to die of excess wordage. But just a line or two, establishing an independent commission to give the UN oversight of the UNMIA, would plonk the whole issue down in the reliable laps of the gnomes.

Speaking of detail, this ... ... run news programes. It would have features on resolutions, and have debating panels about the merits of the UN and specific proposals. The UN would seek out respected news anchors and journalists to front such shows

is the sort of editorial decision-making that you hire professionals to do, and the question of who to hire is management's problem, not the UN's. I think it needs to be less specific. If your concern is to make sure that they do both news and entertainment, you could make it one of the duties of the (extremely useful) Commission to "ensure at all times that the UNMIA shall provide quality, balanced material in available and appropriate forms, and that its representatives shall strive for the highest professional and ethical standards."

That also gets you around the problem of the nations that don't have modern tech. In a stone-age nation, UNMIA provides wall painters, carvers and story-tellers, because that's "available and appropriate".

Pls? (insert suitable lolcat "WANT" pic here).

(There are some other minor nitpicks I've got, but I thought I'd see what you felt about the Commission first.)
15-09-2007, 09:50
well i did say in a variety of languages so it is accessible, and also i thought about past and future tech nations so used the words 'a variety of platforms' to cover all eventualities and stlyes of media. in fact, ive already started scouring the universe for highly regarded mosaic painters.

Also no countries or individuals would fund the UNMIA, well not directly. It will be paid for by thr UN, which is funded by nations, so in a sense nations are paying for it. If we charged, people may not want it. We may be able to give charitable status so donations can help out too and offset the cost, but that will be a minor source of income. (ooc: and not be like a desperate PBS).

As for merchandising, the UN is NOT a profit making company, and any childrens shows will be there to EDUCATE than ENTERTAIN and it wouldn't be fair to manipulate the children and their hard pressed parents into wanting the UN puppet, or 'Kapsar the friendly UN ghost'.

Loke most media outlets it will have an editorial board which will undertake the editorial and content decisions, and decide what to commission and run. this should be sufficient, in terms of editorial concerns. however i can add a board of trustees, which will oversee the independence and content, and also make sure they aren't showing anything too inappropriate. However they will be more like an ombudsman as opposed to be a seperate commission. (ooc: similar to the BBC trustee board).
Quintessence of Dust
16-09-2007, 11:14
How about also having an equivalent of Hansard's - a transcript of all UN discussions - stored on the Universal Library Coalition server and made freely available?
16-09-2007, 13:04
well i could do aswell, but isn't there already a hansard? thats what kenny said anyway. but sure it'll be available.