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[Proposal] Regulation of Defender Regions

13-07-2007, 13:40
I would welcome constructive comment and debate on this proposed submission. I would like to submit this before 09:00 GMT on Thursday 19th July.

Thank you.

Regulation of Defender Regions

For some years now the World has seen a proliferation of so called “Defender” Regions. The stated intent of these Regions is to “defend” smaller weaker Regions from “invasion”. This is an ideal that we can all recognise as stemming from good intent. However, as time has gone on the behaviour of some of these Defender Regions and their unregulated growth has in some cases resulted in behaviour and action that is nothing more than gratuitous vigilantism. We now see feral Defender Regions invading and interfering with the sovereign rights of others on the basis of “defending” and yet once the fight is over quite often these “defenders” depart the Region they have “defended” without assisting a return to democracy, establishing any form of government, re-invigorating the economy or integrating isolated Nations back into the Region’s daily activities. In essence they have simply arrived for a war with no consideration of the peace that needs to be won once they depart.

From the “Invaders” perspective whilst it can of course be recognised that there are malevolent Regions among us there are some well meaning Regions who simply want to expand their colonies without recourse to the God-like act of “creating” a new Region. Moving to a Region that has little or no activity, has no living Founder, no active UN Delegate, a Regional Message Board devoid of activity or a recent history of Nation States ceasing to exist fulfils both the needs of the colonising Nations and the hope that isolated and small Nations unable to recruit to dying Regions can be offered a new lease of life and active participation in the World of Nation States.

The UN Delegate for Duck Goes Quack would therefore like to request that the UN pass the following resolution.

1) “Defender” Regions should be registered as such with the UN and a visible note of such registration openly displayed within their World Fact Book entry

2) No registered “Defender” Region will enter another Region on the pretext of “Defending” unless invited to do so by a Native of that Region.

3) In addition Defender Regions shall not interfere with the reasonable colonisation of Regions where it can be shown that:

a) the Founder is dead or has been inactive for 25 days or more (inclusive)
b) the Founder is dead and the UN Delegate, where one is in post, has been inactive for 10 days or more (inclusive)

It is acknowledged that Defender Regions have an important pre-emptive role to play in the World and that sometimes it may not be possible for a Regional Native to send out a message calling for assistance. Therefore it will be deemed a legitimate Defender action if the Defender Region enters an “invaded” Region without being invited to do so by a Native of that Region if:

a) there is a live Founder in the Region and they have been active within the last 25 days (inclusive)
b) there is a UN Delegate in post that has been active in the last 10 days (inclusive)
c) there is a clearly displayed notice indicating that a treaty, alliance or accord exists between the “invaded” Region and the “Defender” Region in the World Fact Books of both

It is envisaged that actions by Colonists or Defender Regions outside of these articles be formally deemed as “invasions” and recognised as such by the UN. Those with UN Delegacy should be informed in the first instance that their behaviour is counter to the aims of the UN and ultimately may face sanctions up to and including the suspension of their Delegate from the UN.

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13-07-2007, 14:43
* ooc: I'm afraid this is not something the UN can address. *
13-07-2007, 17:23
This is illegal under the Metagaming section of the rules. UN proposals cannot affect gameplay. Please don't submit it, as it will just earn you a warning.
14-07-2007, 03:55
I think it's obsolete anyway even if it were legal due to the addition of regional power
14-07-2007, 07:46
You know, if this was not against the rules, I would be all for it. No more Haven defensive initiative!!!!