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International Qualification

13-07-2007, 10:20
HI I just wanted to run this by people. and ask for any Improvments you can think of.


United Nations,
In a world of such Educational advances, it seems appropriate that we should have a single qualifications System.

An international curriculum will benefit future generations, it can help to judge candidates against each other, from all around the world with minimum difficulty to prospective employers.

The International Qualification Diploma will include several Parts:

1) Native Language
- The ability to Read, Write and Articulate the Native Language.

2) Mathematics
To develop mathematical Skills that can be applied to the work Place

3) Science
(Biology, Chemistry, Physics, IT) To gain an understain g of the processes that take place in our word, and to understand what causes these, also to gain skills in IT.

4) Creative Arts
(Fine Art, Ceramics,Photography,Drama, Music and Design and Technology) To develop individual talents through a range of creative outputs.

5) International Language and Culture
To Understand the culture and language of a local forgein Nation

5) Humanity's
-History and Geography

7) Physical Education
To develop and maintain a healthy lifestyle

8) Social and Health Education
To educate on Issues regarding Spirituality and Morals and to understand Effects/Reaction and to continue to make right choices regarind Risks and Health.

The IQD will have a marking system. All students shall enter a part of 5/7 groups. Group 1-3 and 8 are Compolsary (foreign languages can be substituted for a Vocational if this is best suited for the student.

Marking system- the students will Be marked on Three Catagories for each Subject- Exam Results.
Coursework (essays ect) and Personal Development (how much a person has improved)

Personal Development would be Mesured by taking 2 exams at the begining and end of the course. we would then see how much the child has improved

(one for each Subject)
A 80%
B 65%
C 51%
D 38%

I belive that this would benifit the international Arena, by creating a single and Efficient Education System
13-07-2007, 11:12
Two things.

1) Always, always, always run an education-related proposal through a spell checker, grammar checker, proof reader, and anything else you can think of. I haven't seen one proposal about education in the last few months that hasn't been riddled with errors, and this is only a bit better than average. I like the irony, but it doesn't inspire confidence.

2) You'll have to repeal the UN Educational Aid Act ( first, since article 6 prohibits the UN from interfering in "mandatory, encouraged and prohibited subjects, [and] skills and course elements in educational institutions" (amongst other things). Good luck with that.
Quintessence of Dust
13-07-2007, 12:08
There is probably scope for an international diploma, but it would have to be opt-in. I would certainly suggest leaving details such as grade boundaries to the discretion of the awarding body (in my experience, they tend to change a bit year on year anyway, because it is very difficult to get papers absolutely the same level each year: if an exam is harder one year, grade boundaries might shift down slightly); there's little need for the UN to get into such micromanagement. You could easily empower the UNEAF to act as an awarding body, and then allow schools to opt in (presumably with permission of their nation); such a scheme would promote academic mobility and we might support it.

As mentioned, though, we don't need no edukashun-type proposals.

-- George Madison
UN Ambassador
13-07-2007, 16:06
2) Mathematics
To develop mathematical Skills that can be applied to the work Place

Despite what math teachers say, very few mathematical skills can be applied to most workplaces. ;)
St Edmundan Antarctic
14-07-2007, 17:08
Despite what math teachers say, very few mathematical skills can be applied to most workplaces. ;)

Apart from geometry, for surveying them, of course... ;)