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Draft: Neutral Countrys Act

13-07-2007, 05:05
(i ran this though a spell checker)

RECOGNIZES that some countries wish to remain NEUTRAL in times of war

APPLAUDS that the countries do not wish to fight, and take it more peacefully

DISTURBED that not ANY law has been put into effect to make this possible

ARTICLE 1: As a continent, region, or area goes into war, many will support the war many will oppose it, if a region or country wishes to stay neutral and not take a side in this war, then this will be granted by the UN

ARTICLE 2: The UN will supply guards, or the people of that country may act as a border patrol, non of the countries involved in the war (unless tourists) may enter (tourists defined as= having no weapon on the self or any thing under there name) the citizens and the tourists will be allowed in.

ARTICLE 3: No War/Army/Military events shall go on in the country, no training of a nearby countries army, no selling of a T-shirt-shirt that goes to profit an army.

ARTICLE 4: How the UN Will pay, the UN wont have to pay MAJOR amounts of money, the guards are voulnteers work, all they have to do is supply a background check.
13-07-2007, 05:36
I believe that articles 2 and 4 (combined) make this resolution fail due to the ban from having an UN military (as you allow them to be paid via the UN).

That, and Rights of Neutral States ( seems to cover what you had in mind.

Jainey Slate
UN Representative for Mavenu