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Call to order-war crimes commited

09-07-2007, 17:59
here is the full list of witnessed war crimes commited by the Londinian goverment

Nerve gas
Mass murder
Cazelian ball incident
Enslavement of children
Severe beating of civilians
Deliberate murder of children

we call for the UN to take action on this issue
Quintessence of Dust
09-07-2007, 18:08
Ok, the UN doesn't work like that. It has no means of taking 'action', especially against non-members. At most, you can ask the Pretenama Panel to investigate claims of genocide (under The Eon Convention) or severe human rights abuses (Humanitarian Intervention), but then the following will happen:
- the Panel will spend ages trying to get a quorum of members
- it will spend ages more trying to sort out its internal procedures
- it will finally get around to reviewing the situation
- it will lose quorum again a couple of times
- it will dissolve in pitiful inadequacy.

That said, a lot of the things you have mentioned are not crimes under UN law: in fact the only things that could possibly be illegal are torture, providing it is of the fairly narrow sort prohibited by End Barbaric Punishments, and mass murder inasmuch as it amounts to genocide. Otherwise, I don't see that the 'crimes' are, in fact, criminal (although I'm sure the owner of a certain genetic jackhammer will be very concerned about the 'Cazelian ball incident').

If you want to make a case for humanitarian intervention, I suggest you'd be much better off with an international plea ( it's mostly paper shuffling in the UN. Enjoyable paper shuffling, but not much good for dealing with specific incidents.

-- George Madison
UN Ambassador
Berzerk Mooses
10-07-2007, 13:52
What's the Cazelian Ball?
10-07-2007, 21:38

He already did a thread in II. People are demanding he show proof and he hasn't done it.