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Co2 in the atmosphere

Sandtorvian Beliefs
16-06-2007, 13:18
It has come to my attention that a lot of nations want to forbid fossilized fuel to stop global warming. I find this disturbingly selfish! Did even one of you stop to think about nations like mine, that struggles with the sheer cold environments of
the antarctic, Greenland and other cold environments? What has my penguins
done that makes you want to take away their one chance of a nice and warm homeland? To support the penguins and my people, to decrease my increasingly high electricity-bill and to be able to stare at hot girls in bikinis all the year I need help to draft a UN-proposal to steadily increase the atmospheres Co2 pro cent.


Emperor Sebastian of Sandtorv I, Un-representative
Retired WerePenguins
16-06-2007, 16:50
Frankly, if you like a nice warm climate move to the tropics. Some of us like cold weather here in the Antaacrtic. (And some of us, like me, spend far much time in Key West.)

I will oppose any resolution that tries to reduce CO2 levels on the argument of Gorian Physics. If you use bad science everyone knows that God kills a catgirl and those catgirls constantly telegram me about their genocide at the hands of global warming resolutions. Reducing our use of fossil fuels, because we really ought to reduce out use of fossil fuels (except where we reasonably can't) is another matter which we will always consider in the affirmative.
Sandtorvian Beliefs
16-06-2007, 17:12
Frankly, if you like a nice warm climate move to the tropics.

This isn't just about me, think of the penguins! Every damn penguin that had wings moved from antarctic a long time ago, and now, only the poor wingless are left. I think they deserve to bath in a nice warm climate for a change too! Besides, my electricity-bill really is monstrous!