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Hey, what is up with the BAN GUNS proposal?

29-05-2007, 21:20
I am seriously confused. I saw a proposal to ban guns, and a proposal to ban cruel punishment. On a roleplaying level, I can see the punishment one:gundge:, but banning guns is just idiotic.:headbang: How will people defend themselves? Knives? Studies have shown that, in both the US and abroad, cities with more stringent gun laws, while obviously having a lower shooting rate, have a higher murder rate! In the interest of public safety, everyone ignore these. Also, on a real world gaming level, I disapprove of both of these. Banning guns would kill any military legislation brought to a country. It's just not fair. Also, banning cruel punishment would be unfair to those who run psychotic dictatorships, such as my less than esteemed colleagues at the Bocoran Union, and Bocoran Koroland. Think about it. Light up the forums with talk of striking down these proposals. Now is the time for all good men (and women) to come to the aid of their country, or in this case, text based MMO.:mad:
29-05-2007, 22:03
... and which of the 30-50 weekly proposals to ban (or mandate, equally silly) guns got your knickers in a twist? People can propose most anything, but if you look at the Approvals line, you'll rarely see more than a dozen or two people want to see it passed into law.

BTW, smilies don't strengthen your argument. Quite the opposite, in fact.