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Healthcare that supports Education

29-05-2007, 00:23
Health care and education has been an issue since Nation States has started, but i believe that although they have been resolved many times by more ridculous resalutions that there deserves to be one law that passes for the benifit of the world.

Many humans go without healthcare or education, if our intrest is really in the people, and not our selfs, than why havnt we made a sturdy law that supports the low income citizins. I believe that The UN can and should take a poll, showing how many citizens there are on nationstates and how many are in poverty. Many are. The UN can set up Free Healthcare Clinics providing, shots, simple surgical procedures, and checkups. The reason for healthcare is also a reason for education.

Many Schools require Shots, And Yearly Checkups for students to attend there school. Without a basic healthcare plan, it will help many children recieve the basic education that they need.

School should also be FREE of charge through high school, so the children may get there education and then go and get a job. This very surely will be a great choice for our economy, if we really want to devolop it. But there is one problem with this, i lack endorsments so i cant propose this, please read this and respond. This is a rough draft so if there are any mistakes with the history i mentined please send me a telegram telling me about it.