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UN Peace Prize

25-03-2007, 04:27
RECOGNISING the importance of peace and the progression of diplomatic negations,

NOTING, in particular, the benefits of having a peaceful world to live in,

CONVINCED that by drawing attention to the progression of peace, the UN can one day accomplish it's goal of peace on Earth,

SEEKING to accomplish the awesome goals of promoting the progression of peace and raising the profile of contributions to the peace process,


1) Establishes the United Nations Peace Prize which will be awarded to the person, or persons, responsible for the greatest contribution to the progression of peace over the past year,

2) Gives the honor of deciding the winner this prize to the United Nations Awards Committee.

3) Mandates the UNAC to award the prize based on the following criteria:

i) The work must be international in scope,
ii) It must have effects beyond the contributors' own nation(s),
iii) The work must have the potential to improve the lives of people in all UN Member nations if implemented.

4) Encourages private donors to fund a monetary reward for the prize.

5) Noting that if there is no person or persons worthy of this prize the UNAC may choose to not award the prize.

6) Mandates that the UNAC not award the prize to anyone who violates a UN resolution.

The Dictatorship of Vartican asks for your support in implementing this resolution to further peace on earth. We thank you in advance.

-The Dictatorship