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UNDC--United Nations Disarmament Council

Dancing Bananland
16-10-2006, 18:36
In response to growing concerns over Weapons of Mass Destruction (cliche, I know) I have officially founded the United Nations Disarmament Council (UNDC).

The UNDC is an organization dedicated to limiting the proleferation of, or ultimately eliminating dangerous biological, chemical, and nuclear weapons as well as promoting peace and harmony throughout the UN and the world. Anyone is welcome whateve tehir veiws on the subject. to join go to
16-10-2006, 18:44
I'd bring my teddy bear, but I don't have one, only a teddy.

Bala (
Deputy Cluichstani Ambassador to the UN
Dancing Bananland
17-10-2006, 20:20
Huh--so I guess noone really cares.
[NS]The Wolf Guardians
17-10-2006, 20:26
*Looks up from targeting his enemies' capitols with the GuardSat Network.*

"Oh... er... I have too many obligations already, sorry."
[NS]St Jello Biafra
17-10-2006, 20:27
We care. We care that a council is being established that is attempting to negatively influence our much-needed proliferation of Weapons of Mass Deterrance.
17-10-2006, 20:55
People care. At least they cared enough to put in their 11/2 cents.

Interesting idea. Good luck. The Queendom is already a member of the UN Defense Convention.

General Duke Harper
Head of Defense
Queendom of Karmicaria
18-10-2006, 05:12
As the author of UN Resolution #109 Nuclear Armaments, I find the idea of an organization whose purpose is to disarm UN members to be absolutly abhorrent.

Bob Flibble
UN Representative
18-10-2006, 05:15
OOC: If you can hold a spot open for me in November, things will be less insane ... between new job, the tree that hit my car, a new computer, an election to prepare for, the normal family obligations and some massive work still being done for my old job I'm spread thin. Eeeek. But the idea does sound great. :)

IC: I'll bring this organization to the attention of the Council of Mayors. Typically Mikitivity likes to join international organizations as an observer, but this may be an exception.
18-10-2006, 06:29
We're actually quite interested in this concept. Of course, judging from the initial response, it will probably be a bit of an uphill slog. But we're willing to give it a shot.
18-10-2006, 07:02
Norderia won't dismiss the idea outright, but will not be joining right away.

Edit: If for no other reason than the amount of prior engagements and responsibilities I have at the moment.
18-10-2006, 14:22
Ceorana has joined. We firmly believe that helping members avoid getting wiped off the map is an important function of the United Nations.

Kingsley Thomas
Ambassador to the United Nations
21-10-2006, 23:27
Ceorana has joined. We firmly believe that helping members avoid getting wiped off the map is an important function of the United Nations.

Kingsley Thomas
Ambassador to the United Nations

As do the members of DEFCON (, which is why we strive to protect nations' rights to defend themselves from and to deter potential aggression, as opposed to those who would leave nations naked and exposed to attack.

Defense Minister Sheik Nottap bin Cluich
Chairman, UN Defense Convention (DEFCON)
22-10-2006, 13:59
Can cynics join for half-price?

I don't think, even in NS -- mayb especially in NS -- you'll ever achieve total disarmament, but occasionally I succumb to these fits of idealism, and it should be an interesting ride. Count me in (-ish).
Community Property
22-10-2006, 14:30
Community Property always supports anything that will lead to peace and global disarmament. We'll join, although our activity will likely be limited at first.

<Entire delgation grins and flashes a peace sign, while some start signing John Lennon's “Give Peace a Chance”...>