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Im New

Memnoch de Marbulia
27-09-2006, 00:20
im gonna try this again im new to the United Nations how can i help?
27-09-2006, 00:47
Why are you trying this again? Here's what you can do, first read these stickies:

*UN Rules (
*UN Reference Guide (
*Passed Resolutions (

Once familiar with these stickies, it should be extremely obvious how you can help out the NationStates United Nations. You can help discuss proposals, plan some of your own, and become acquainted with the organization.
27-09-2006, 01:19
im gonna try this again im new to the United Nations how can i help?

I think a good way to actually get the feel for things here is to read the latest resolution's debate thread (Outlaw Necrophilia is this week's resolution), and start simply pretending you are a United Nations Ambassador and politely asking the nations that are FOR and AGAINST the resolution a few questions about their comments. As nations reply to your questions, you'll get a feel not only for how to respond (and help), but you might begin to really find out how your ideal nation interacts with everybody else's ideal nation.
27-09-2006, 01:49
Closing your previous thread was a mildly-coached suggestion that you follow the excellent advice you were given, without it turning into an acrtimonious flame-fest. I'm closing this one too, and pointing you to the two posts above. I'd also recommend that you compose complete sentences with capital letters and punctuation and everything. This isn't an AOL chatroom.

Don't start another "Im new" thread, please.