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RESUBMITTED: Repeal "Due Process"

23-09-2006, 14:54
The United Nations,

AWARE of the widely varied judicial systems within member nations;

RECOGNIZING that there are many viable alternatives to the grand jury system;

NOT CONVINCED that this particular judicial system is inherently more fair, or more likely to produce correct verdicts, than other viable systems;

BELIEVING that nations should have the opportunity to select the method of bringing criminal charges which best suits their cultures and legal systems;

CONCERNED by the lack of definition of salient terms such as "Due Process of law", which has led to some confusion amongst the member nations and the rather poor implementation of this resolution;

DISTURBED that this poorly written resolution infringes so deeply into national jurisdiction;

THEREFORE repeals UNR#27 "Due Process"

Yes, this has been resubmitted.
23-09-2006, 21:11
I support the repeal of this resolution, and should have delegate status after the next update, so will endorse it for you then.