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15-07-2006, 09:13
Hello. I was pondering yesterday -when I tryed to pass a propossal about which catergory it would be the most apropriate, and what it's strenght would be.

Here is my propossal:

World Meteorological Foundation

Meteorology, as a science is one of the most unnoticed ones, while being one of the most important ones. It is paramount to have a good meteorological prediction in safe air and sea transportations, in better ecological planning, agricultural planning, monitoring potentially dangerous weather patterns such as Typhoons, and many other areas. However, such predictions are based on scientific models that will not work without proper data analysis.

Therefore we suggest:

A) That a worldwide organization, The World Meteorological Foundation (WMF) to be created.
B) The responsibilities of the Word meteorological foundation will be
i) To assert that all meteorological data from ach country is collected and redistributed to all countries being member of it.
ii) To create standards in the education of meteorologists, and to apply a worldwide code of meteorological data transition.
iii) To promote the advancement of meteorological studies worldwide.
iv) To alert areas endangered by extreme weather phenomena to take proper measures at least 4 days prior the phenomena reach these areas.
v) To inform airlines, ships and farmers of forthcoming weather conditions.

However, I got a telegram informing me that is did not belong to the category I had put it (Free Trade, as it fitted many areas, but seemed more apropriate here as it involves free distribution of information [meteorological data] and will greatly improve economy and transportations, thus improving trade.) Also it was clamed to not belong into the strenght category I suggested, but hey, I just thought it is much to ask for a nation to give its meteorological data as it is important for its defence, and thus it should be strong as a resolution.

So, if anybody has an idea about how I will be allowed to pass this proposal, under which category, under which stenght, or has any sustential changes to propose, please feel free to comment...

Thank you.
The Democratic States of Anacron
15-07-2006, 09:32
The HotRodian ambassador shuffles through some papers and presents...

The IMO (