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Vote No To The Scientific Research Proposal

10-07-2006, 20:32
I urge my fellow UN members to vote against the propsal of scientific research. This propsal outlines that anyone performing a scientific research is a scientist. This is simply wrong. Scientific research should be conducted by trained professional individuals, who have the intellectual knowledge to carry research that will not have a lasting impact on their subjects. Guidlines should be put in place that does not allow the individual to do whatever he/she wants. We must protect the volunteers from individuals that which to do them harm. By allowing this proposal to pass will lead to a slippery slope of test conducted on unsuspecting individuals. Causing psychological and physical distress to the majority of the population for the benefit of a few. This will greatly effect the economy of all nations, because citizens will be dieing at the hands of evil "scientist". Thus leading to shortage of workers. My fellow members, we must look after our citizens and ensure that no harm comes to them. The last time such a bill was passed in human history, it lead to the killing of innocent people who were enslaved, tortured, and used by so called scientist for their own unscrupulos means. This occured in NAZI Germany to innocent Jews. I urge all members to vote against the current scientific research proposal.

In God we trust
United States of Sierria
10-07-2006, 20:35
Take your stupid omgNazi shit, and post it in the official thread (

You do realize cruel and unusual punishment is already banned by the UN? And that even we know that "slippery slope" is a fallacy? And that there would be nothing stopping you from passing something on human testing, after this?

No, thought not.