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Square rootedness
24-06-2006, 15:53

St Edmundan Antarctic
24-06-2006, 15:59
The reason why there isn't already a resolution on this subject is because the Mods have declared that any resolutions trying to give the UN any armed forces, or police forces, would be illegal...
Your clause 3 would also be illegal, because under the current rules votes can't be called for anything except resolutions.
Square rootedness
24-06-2006, 16:01
Ahhh... thank you, I think I will try to kill this now then.
24-06-2006, 16:03
We're not going to say the representative is stupid. We will say this has been tried before -- probably 6,487,381 times. And it's probably the most clearly illegal proposal we've seen in a while. From the rules:

Types Of Violations

Game Mechanics

Army, Police, SWAT, etc

The UN doesn't get an army. Nor does it get to form The World Police. This is pretty clear: don't do it.

Sorry. :( Not bad proposal writing, though.

Lorelei M. Ahlmann
24-06-2006, 16:09
I'm sure there must be a legal way to do a peacekeeping proposal. Whether it's advisable or not, I'll reserve comment on, but I don't think the idea is completely off-limits.
24-06-2006, 16:58
There are legal ways to do peacekeeping proposals I think. The way to do it is to get nations army's to help not to have the UN owning an army.
24-06-2006, 18:04
If the UN *requires* the participation of national armies, it's a UN army proposal and will be deleted. If the UN only requests participation, it's not so much a resolution as a recommendation.

Since the OP has removed the initial post, this is kinda pointless. Closing.