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Repeal : Definition of Marriage

04-09-2005, 21:47
I proposed a Repeal about the definition of marriage, that the gay marriage shouldn't be allowed, go on the repeal list , page 11, and you'll see my arguments...
04-09-2005, 21:51

Please note this. I find your proposal sickening. Do not fabricate statistics in the future. Hersfold has submitted a GHR to have your proposal deleted.

I strongly recommend that in future, you post a draft in this forum before submitting. That way (in theory), kinks can be ironed out first, and you'll have a better proposal more likely to succeed.
04-09-2005, 22:04
I agree with everything Gruenberg says, this is a sick, twisted, bigoted proposal; one that is based on misinformation and lies.

I find it richly ironic that you claim to understand that gay people wish to be married, yet then spew an avalanche of puerile bile in their direction. Where did you get your ridiculous 0.01% figure? My statistics show that gay marriages are statistically (so far) lasting longer on average than heterosexual ones. Equally, what relevance does the Bible have on this legislation? This is a secular institution and if you want to put forwards an argument, then you should use rational grounds and perspectives, not religious dogma. Finally, what do you mean by "real definition"? I've always believed that if a couple love one another and they are both non-related adults, then there should be nothing to prevent them uniting in matrimony.

I only hope you recover from your twisted homophobia and realise the inhumanity of your views.

Leonard Otterby
Ambassador for the Republic of Compadria to the U.N.

Long live marriage-equal Compadria!
04-09-2005, 22:14
I've been waiting for you :D

Originally Posted by Repeal "Definition of Marriage"
Description: UN Resolution #81: Definition of Marriage (Category: Human Rights; Strength: Mild) shall be struck out and rendered null and void.

Argument: Description: UN Resolution #81: Definition of Marriage should be modified in terms of definition.

Actually, no. As the description states, it shall be struck out as null and void thus removing any level of idea that we even have a defintion of marriage at an international level.

UNDERSTANDING why gay couples are willing to be legaly married,

Ah, but do you understand why we feel they should be allowed to?

REALIZING that less than 0.01% of gay couples last less than 3 years,

Um, guys, this isn't offensive. This is saying that gay couples have strong relationships. Might want to reread. Regardless, RL stats not allowed and made up stats are often....frowned upon

RECOGNIZING that homosexuals should NOT be discriminate,

Poorly worded

I DISAGREE that marriage as the civil joining of a member of any sexual orientation.

Poor style (should be "DISAGREEING with")

ACCORDING to my point of view established on the Bible,

BELIEVING that a religious argument is irrelevant as your POV from a bible does not match the POV of every single person in your nation - unless of course you burn every person in your nation that doesn't follow the bible to the letter

I THINK we should reconsiderate the decision to accept gay marriages,

This doesn't accept gay marriages. Resolution 12 does. This only says that if you're going to have a marriage, it must be a gay marriage.

BECAUSE the real definition of marriage is an union between a male and a female, regardless of the race or the financial situation.

As stated where? Don't say bible

I, The Republic Of Sydland, ask the UN Defition of Marriage to be modified, in terms of gay marriage.

Um....repealed. This is a REPEAL. Additionally, branding infraction

Approvals: 0

For good reason

Status: Lacking Support (requires 131 more approvals)

Voting Ends: Wed Sep 7 2005

Several illegal points
04-09-2005, 22:31
...I can't believe I misread that.

My sincerest apologies Sydland. It's still a ridiculous statistic, but I took it the wrong way. Sorry.

I still oppose your proposal. And, as mentioned by Hersfold and Forgottenlands, it is likely to be illegal.