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Legislation voting question

21-08-2005, 09:31
Sorry if its sated somewhere but how much Votes does a proposal have too have against or for him too go through? Becasue i just saw an old Proposal dfeated while there where more voted for then against.
The Most Glorious Hack
21-08-2005, 10:31
Proposals can't be voted against, only for. They require the support of a certain percentage of Delegates (6, I think).

Resolutions are a simple majority affair.
21-08-2005, 11:45
6% before going for the whole UN
21-08-2005, 14:19
The number usually hovers around 150 approvals. Only a Delegate can give an approval. If a proposal does not get enough approvals within three or four days (can't remember exactly), then it dies, and has to be re-submitted.