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SUBMITTED: Repeal of UN Resolution #5 "DVD region removal

Joseph Seal
28-06-2005, 23:08
Repeal "DVD region removal"

A proposal to repeal a previously passed resolution

Category: Repeal

Resolution: #5

Proposed by: Joseph Seal

Description: UN Resolution #5: DVD region removal (Category: Free Trade; Strength: Mild) shall be struck out and rendered null and void.

Argument: RECOGNIZING that this resolution seeks to reduce barriers and increase freedom of trade.

REALIZING that this resolution interferes with a nation's right to govern it's own internal affairs.

NOTING also, that this resolution is focused on only one product, a product that is not very valuable when compared to other products such as food and metal.

PROPOSING that this resolution be repealed, to allow foreign governments to make their own decisions about their own commerce, and to rid the United Nations of a faulty, if not ridiculous resolution.
Voting Ends: Fri Jul 1 2005


Yeah, there's my repeal. Please read it over people, and remember, this is my first proposal.
28-06-2005, 23:26
I suppose after such a long period without #5 appeals, it's only natural that we get so many in such a short timeframe.


1) National Soverignty rarely flies as a base argument

2) Resolution #5 is hardly ridiculous - if you have ever worked with DVDs from different regions (oh god do they suck), you'd probably understand the frustration that least to resolution #5

3) Are DVD Regions Government or company controlled?

4) There isn't an issue of standardization with food or metal as much as there is with DVDs

5) There are problems with Resolution #5 - both from the point of view of those that support it and those that dislike it. However, you only hit one - which I have already addressed. The more prongs and problems you bring up - the better it looks.

That said - with exception to the last line (ridiculous = no) - the style is very well done - you look level headed and well mannered. You gave fair spacing so readability is good. You spend a bit more time understanding the issues, a bit less time basing your argument on Soverignty (it only works if it is included in a list of arguments that are all valid), and you'll have a proposal the UN likes in no time.
Joseph Seal
29-06-2005, 00:13
Heh. You're right on all points. The REAL reason why I wanted to repeal the resolution was the poor spelling and grammar.(I may be a hypocrite here. :P ) It looked so bad to me I couldn't stand it, though I knew spelling and grammar wouldn't be a good argument. So... I hurriedly put together a repeal to try and get rid of it. Ah well.

Also, thanks for the compliments and advice, I'll do better next time. ^_^
29-06-2005, 01:31
Perhaps a collaboration between my draft repeal and your submitted repeal might be in order.

I put this up in another thread, and it turned into a debate about spelling.

If you think there is anything of use here, Joseph, feel free to borrow it and put it in a new repeal.

Or if there is anyone else who thinks repealing this resolution is a good idea, maybe you might want to help combine the two.

UNDERSTANDING that DVD's are now, as they were at the time of the passage of UN Resolution #5 (DVD region removal), an integral part of the entertainment industry for many cultures and nations worldwide, and

UNDERSTANDING that the writer and voters in favour of UN Resolution #5 (DVD region removal) more than likely had the interests of these cultures and nations at heart at the time of the passing of this proposal,

The United Nations makes the following assertion:

RECOGNIZING that the intended definition of DVD's in UN Resolution #5 (DVD region removal) are "DVD Videos", a form of movie-based entertainment,

REALIZING that region codes on DVD's allow movie and distribution companies to control certain aspects of the release of the films they produced, such as (but not necessarily including) content, release date and release price,

RECOGNIZING the right of these production companies to have the rights to control elements of a DVD's release, providing that they do not break national laws,

SYMPATHETIC to the point of view that DVD regional control is not an issue to be dealt with by the United Nations, and

BELEIVING that UN Resolution #5 (DVD region removal) contains poor grammar and spelling, no argument to support the action that it takes against DVD regions, and generally reflects poorly upon the UN as a whole,

The United Nations moves to repeal UN Resolution #5 (DVD region removal).
New Hamilton
29-06-2005, 02:18
The DVD resolution is outright bad. It desperately needs to be removed.