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Repeal: Mandatory Recycling

Sceptical States
26-06-2005, 17:19
People of the free world,
We all know that we must recycle, for the good of the planet. Yet the UN only forces recycling of paper and glass, which makes no real dent in the environment. There is no specification of what the materials will become, and whether they will be used for good or not. There is also no rules aboutt recycling the things that could make a real difference. Metals, plastics and waste make up most of the rubbish on our worlds, yet these are left out of the agreement. Surely it is more important to recycle a whole fleet of ships to create cheap metal which can improve our lives, than to recycle paper to make more room for government propaganda. Under the legislation that the SSS is proposing a new contract would soon be drawn up, to include these things. We need your support to make a real UN Environmental Plan reality.

Chancellor Rea of the Federation of Sceptical States
26-06-2005, 17:28
we are with you
26-06-2005, 17:43
Draft a replacement, post it, and I'll consider it.