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Proposal: To End The War on Terra

Sceptical States
24-06-2005, 17:41
Category- Environmental
Strength - Strong
Proposed by Sceptical States

There is one great spectre haunting our great organization, one problem that all self-respecting members must solve. The problem is the damage we are doing to our Universe. Previous resolutions have come close, but yet they have not significantly reduced the problems. Today i suggest that we do. I vote to repeal 11 previous resolutions, and to create a new proposal. We must create the Environmental Action Plan.

The Repeals

I propose to repeal 11 previous resolutions, a number not seen in years of UN mandating. This is not due to critiscism of the said proposals, far from it, but merely the thought that they do not go far enough.

Resolution#11- Single-Hulled Tankers

This proposal is one of the most intelligent ones on the list, and the main facts within will be kept. We will keep the double-hulled boat, at any cost to industry, and also developnew technology, such as to create safer vessels.

Resolution#13- Mandatory Recycling

We fully support this proposal, but the loopholes are clear for all to see. A single snetence cannot possibly show the importance of the topic. We propose that not only glass, plastic etc.. are recycled but also whole ships, star fleets and homes. Nothing must be wasted, as each ounce of rubbish increases the strangle-hold on our respective regions.

Resolution#18- Hydrogen Powered Vehicles

This does simply not go far enough. We would not only encorouge research into these vehicles, but make targets for each nation to reach, regarding the number of hydrogen-powered vehicles manufactured. This would be combined with resolution#39 to create an international promise on fuel consumption.

Resolution#23- Replanting trees

We agree with this, but would like to see it combined with resolutions#67 and 48 to create a UN programme on environmental care.

Resolution#34- Oceanic Waste Dumping

This must be combined with #35 to create clear guidelines for dumping, and the lack of it

Resolution#35 - Dumping

See Above

Resolution#39 - Alternative Fuels

We support this, and as seen with #18, will create a set programme.

Resolution#48 - Save the Forests

This will be incorparted into the programme for environmental care

Resolution#67 - Illegal Logging

We would tighten up the loopholes in this, and incorperate it into the programme seen above

Resolution#72 - Sustainable Energy Resources

Most of this would be kept, and this would be at the heart of the whole scheme.

Resolution#73 - Reduction of Greenhouse Gases

This would be joined with carbon emissions to form the programme for industry

The Action Plan

1. Guidelines for Recycling and Dumping

No nation may dump recyclable goods into the natural habitat, and must make every effort to recycle as much as possible, with aims of 50% recycled material by 10 years time

2. Programme for Industry

Companies will not have their rights curtailed, but strict rules must be enforced. Every Single company must aim to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases, and especially Carbon Dioxide, into the atmosphere. Filters must be developed, and non-vital emissions must be cut be 20% by next year.

3. Environmental Care Plan

All forests over an eighth of the size of the nation must be left alone, and forestry must take place either at man-made areas, or at small forests where twice as many trees are planted as cut-down. Illegal logging will be punishable by 10 years in jail, or fines of millions.

4. Energy

The biggets cause of emissions and natural problems is energy. Oil, gas and coal supllies will not last forever, and so new resources must be found. Some nations are close the stars, meaning solar power. Other have great rivers near them, menaing hydro-electric power. All nations must ensure that sustainable energy accounts for 10% of energy by next year, and that this figure increases by at least 5% a year.

5. Oceanic Care

The sea must be free from dumping, and all oil-tankers must have double-hulls. Research must take place into safe methods of transporting goods, and until then ships must be checked reguarly. Fishing of species which the UN deems to be rare must be slowed, and fishing of those who are nearly exticnt must be halted temporarily.

To End The War On Terra

This may seem a little drastic, but to save our regions change must take place. Therefore these guidlines must be enforced. Instead of a collection of resolutions we have one big one, tackling the problems of our planets. Nations before could slip through the net, now they cannot. To call our selves a decent organiztion, we must live in a world of decency. Vote to save our lives, and those of our children.

Chancellor Rea of the Federation of Scepticl States, New Terra
Sceptical States
24-06-2005, 18:31
Could i get some feedback on the proposal, any weak areas?
24-06-2005, 18:43
We at the nation loved the proposal, and would like to see it voted through as soon as possible. it makes alot of sense to have one main ruling for the environment, you have our vote
Powerhungry Chipmunks
24-06-2005, 18:45
Unfortunately game rules allow only one repeal at a time (and those must be submitted by clicking the "repeal this resolution" link at the bottom--or top?--of the resolution's display in "previously passed UN Resolutions"). I think some of your environmental ideas are sound, but you're going to have to address them one by one, as game rules won't allow this sort of massive overhaul. (the stickies at the top of the forum explain the games rules about proposals).
24-06-2005, 19:05
PC makes a very good point, unfortunately. This is, possibily, the best attempt I have yet seen to ensure the survival of your world. I'm not sure that this shouldn't be considered a regional issue, but the fact that you want to include the rest of the universe in it, makes it for me.

I would propose that we use this as a blueprint of resolutions to repeal in order that the new resolution can be passed with more stringent penalties, etc.
Sceptical States
24-06-2005, 19:44
Sorry i wasted your time, i was unsure of the rules. i will however continue with some of these repeals, and hopefully in the future a contract of this sort can be signed
New Hamilton
24-06-2005, 21:16
I like it.

I hope it goes to the floor.
Sceptical States
24-06-2005, 21:28
thanks for the support, and i want to get this onto the floor, so how should i go about it?

i know i cannot put in stuff already in a resolution, so should i just do it one by one?

if so, which of the 5 points do you think is the most important?
24-06-2005, 23:30
Build a full and sound replacement proposal. Post it, edit it, etc. Begin a telegram campaign explaining the full plan, showing the replacement proposal, and (hopefully), the process of slowly removing the old resolutions and replacing them may begin.

Leave the most effective ones in till last so that their effect remains while the other (sometimes almost useless) resolutions get removed.

Hopefully it'll work.

Maybe keep a header for your repeal proposals so people know which ones are part of this campaign (ie: Under the simplification and correction of UN Environmental Policy Program) - but you'd have to clear that with Hack.