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Attention all nations

21-06-2005, 01:28
The Fascist state of El Caudillo is staging mass executions of political opponents and needs to be stopped,
Powerhungry Chipmunks
21-06-2005, 05:12
There's a forum just for that, here:

Go down to The Petranama Panel, and find the forum about requests to investigate genocide. It should give TPP something fresh to chew on.
21-06-2005, 07:03
Don't waste your time with the TPP. They're currently in chaos due to internal issues and are trying to decide how to deal with the numerous problems that have proven to be insurmountable to them. I would instead advise getting a coalition of other nations to do the job. Maybe, in the future, the TPP can be used again.
Powerhungry Chipmunks
21-06-2005, 13:34
Here, I fished out a more specific link:

Go there, and start a new thread about El Caudillo (including your link).

DLE is right, TPP is talking about reform and attempting to trim its bureaucracyand may be slightly more lagubrious due to that--and there is always the option of forming a non-PP coalition on nations, though that can hardly have the same legitimacy as TPP (set up by resolutions, conducted with insight and professionalism--even if it has its problems with organization at the present time). Either way would work, I suppose. I sincerely doubt TPP is characterizable as in "chaos" or its obstacles as "insurmountable". Everyone in TPP agrees there are some organizational changes that need to be mande, and I'm certain all the sharp, polite, and active members there will find adequate solutions to any problems. Desartha, if you take your problem to them, they'll give you a listening ear, and they'll probably take action against the perpetrator (provided there is adequte evidence--and a decent RP going).
21-06-2005, 15:19
I just posted a request.
21-06-2005, 23:09
The only reason why I characterise the problems as insurmountable is the fact these problems have plagued the group since Day One. So far, the only two times the group has gotten passed them involved a minor case that was resolved without warfare and a case that was actually a mockery of them. That's two cases out of five, with only four of those being legit.

As it stands, they are trying to overcome problems they thought would be minor that, in fact, turned out to be huge. Unfortunately, not everyone in the TPP entirely agrees on what direction to go with reform, with in at least one case the movement is to entirely destroy the group and rebuild it from the ground up. The chaos is subtle, but amoung polite people it always is. You have to dig to see it.
Powerhungry Chipmunks
22-06-2005, 04:28
I just posted a request.
Great! :)

I can't guarantee TPP will act upon it. There are a few things TPP must consider IC and OOC before deciding whether or not to intervene. In-character: whether it's genocide, how military action could help/hinder the situation, etc. Out-of-character: if TPP would likely be consented to, or allowed into, the RP (as non-consensual RP is non-existent), whether other nations have already handled the situation, the quality of the role-play (TPP has no interest in becoming involved in "n00b warz"), etc.

Even if there is no action taken, at least TPP has been apprised of the situation, and you know where to find TPP.