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Independent Declarists
20-06-2005, 09:36
Description: AWARE that nations of the world trade with each other throughout the world with their respective goods and services industries. That faster trade is requested and desired by all who want outside nations' products.

CONSCIOUS that their are certain nations that will not trade with other countries, and are particularly antagonistic to such countries.

CREATES the following practices:

1) The monorails will be created using the surpluses available from each financially able nations. If the country doesn't want to use the surplus the citizens and corporations have the option to help contribute to its creation.

2) It is completely optional whether or not a country decides to build a monorail in their respective country.

3) Their will be both industrial and commercial trains, as with the railroad industry, in each nation who chooses to have a monorail.

4) When each train enters the neighboring nation they will be checked for drugs, arms, and anything forbidden in that country.

5) Only UN nations can have monorails, to be able to have this monorail system they must apply for UN delegacy.

6) The way and technology of the monorail that is built is up to the respective country. If said country decides they want an subway instead of a monorail it must work in accordance with neighboring countries so that the monorail reaches to become a subway, and vice versa, on its borders.

7.) Prices for fare will be delegated by a panel of representatives of each country within every nation. Prices and maintainence will be determined by a 3/4 vote for or against the laws each nation decides.

8.) Monitors for each train will be put on each train, which will be 3 undercover law enforcement agents from any nation within a individual region.

9.) Each citizen of every nation will be required to have a passport when entering a new nation within a foreign region via monorail.

10.) A nation that wants to build a monorail and/or subway on a border must agree with the neighboring nation or region to connect their rails at the border.

Finally, the UN will inform each nation which countries and regions are hostile to their borders, as well as what products each country will trade with them. The UN will help settle all transportation disputes if brought up by a nation or region to the UN.
20-06-2005, 10:44
You do realise you didn't actually say why we should build monorails, nor what it is meant to accomplish.
20-06-2005, 11:19
Why wolud countries not have built a monorail if they needed one i think this is a bad idea and not very useful...
20-06-2005, 17:25
Only UN nations can have monorails, to be able to have this monorail system they must apply for UN delegacy.You might wish to reword this. You can't prevent non-Members from building monorails; you can only prevent them from connecting their systems to the global one.

But then, why would you want to?
20-06-2005, 17:33
Illegal. In spite of the Humanitarian Intervention attempting it, UN proposals are not allowed to affect nonmember nations.