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Possible Potential Proposal - Defence Against Aggression

19-06-2005, 14:11

deleted by Yiplonia due to it being invalid in face of new information. Delete the thread mods please?

19-06-2005, 17:42

The UN is not allowed to have an army. Read the stickies.

Army, Police, SWAT, etc

The UN doesn't get an army. Nor does it get to form The World Police. This is pretty clear: don't do it.
19-06-2005, 18:10
Ah... my bad :P sorry!
19-06-2005, 20:47
"It would appear", Secretary of State Edith Mayenne told the members of the Senate Foreign Affairs Committee, "That our response to Yiplonia's mandatory sterilisation proposal rattled them just a bit."