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The lord of cheese
18-06-2005, 22:38
feeling strongly about a proposal, submitted your own and want support for it, discuss it here.

i would also like to start by asking for support of my proposal, its on page 19 and its to repeal the ban on torturing, every reason why is there, and anyone who beleives differently is asked to tell me why.
18-06-2005, 22:44
It's considered polite to post the text of your proposal here on the forums to make debate easier. I'll do it for you this time.
Category: Repeal

Resolution: #41

Proposed by: The lord of cheese

Description: UN Resolution #41: END BARBARIC PUNISHMENTS (Category: Human Rights; Strength: Significant) shall be struck out and rendered null and void.

Argument: we live in a world of large and hidden dangers, though you or i may beleive in the greatness of the nations which we represent unfortunatly there are people out there who dont, and who have been decieved into taking drastic acts by immoral men. these people will try and hurt you and they would take great joy in watching you suffer, i am repealing this reselution not because i am a sadist who wants to see people get hurt, it is because i am a human and i dont want to see my fellow law abideing citizen suffer under the hands of the many terrorists and mercinary's the attack us in sneak attacks with specific intent to hurt us and cause a nation to greif.

i beleive that we should be allowed to gain information from these people, in any means nessesary, i would rather hurt 1 evil man then see hundreds, even thousends of my fellow countymen attacked into submission and fear, these men beleive in causing pain so much that they woulnd never give up their group of terrorists if we ask them nicely.

as a final thought i take our minds back to the 9/11 tragedy, if you were left alone in a room with the man who organised it, would you be able to just talk, with a man who killed thousends in order to strike fear into the heart of any country that beleives in democracy.

Now for my thoughts, this proposal is illegal due to the use of a RL reference. Please read The Rules for UN Proposals ( and try again.

Not that we'd support this repeal attempt anyway, we actually like that particular resolution.
The lord of cheese
19-06-2005, 00:33
thanx a lot, i'm new at this.