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make it tougher for just any one to get a gun permit

18-06-2005, 18:43
I just think if we had tougher law on gun permits then people wolud not go around and do crazy thing like kill or hurt people. if you likr this idea please endorse it
18-06-2005, 22:37
Is this a proposal, and if it is could you possibly post the entire text here so we know what your talking about?
19-06-2005, 05:14
In Nevermooore, we allow every citizen the right to own and carry a firearm without any "permits". Our crime rate is non-existant. We do not support you as it is an invasion of our people's civil rights.
19-06-2005, 05:59
After performing their manditory six-year military service, our population is well trained sufficient to allow for private ownership of everything from peashooters to assault weapons. We like it that way.

If you don't like guns, outlaw them in your country. We see no reason for this to be a UN issue.
Yeru Shalayim
19-06-2005, 23:01
We already have a problem with people from Rogue States trying to murder our civilians. Our civilians are however, some of the best armed in the world. We too have mandatory military service and considerable military funding. Moving to our country requires considerable combat testing and firearms proficiency is a minimal requirement for most public service jobs, as is a basic understand of less, gentle weapons.

Such is the nature of our dilemma, being surrounded and outnumbered by the horde as such. We are this way by necessity. The wages of defeat are death.

We take self defense extremely seriously. Collectively and individually, this is to us a most serious and principled matter. The criminal is uncontrollable. They do not follow laws, they do not adhere to morals, the only way to prevent their actions, is to make their victims hard to victimize. When any person they encounter, has the potential, to counter their violence, with violence, violence becomes risky and risk, makes for cautious, nervous and ultimately, retired, criminals. Your wallet is not worth their life, though it is probably worth your life.

Permits are trivial things, hardly worthwhile in a country like our own, but they do introduce a significant potential for abuse. We have seen the types of resolutions passed. We have seen resolutions that deny countries the means to defend themselves. How easy would it be to follow this resolution, with one that would make use of these records, to actually seize from the people, their means to defend themselves? Our people were once registered, then disarmed, then murdered en mass. Never again.
20-06-2005, 07:25
The People's Republic of Coquetvia finds significant problems with this proposal, in both it's introduction to public forum and it's very concept.

Rather than go into great detail about it, however, the People's Republic of Coquetvia only touch on the matters briefly.

1) There is no proposal posted in this thread, or any thread representatives of the People's Republic of Coquetvia can find. Neither has any message been posted here by the originator other than "ban guns". Without a proposal to even look at, the People's Republic of Coquetvia could never support it.

2) The People's Republic of Coquetvia sees this as a national issue, and not one that needs to be addressed by the N.S.U.N. As such, the People's Republic of Coquetvia would never support this proposal, as it infringes too heavily on national ideals.

3) The People's Republic of Coquetvia believes that N.S.U.N member nations require some means of defence against Rogue Nations, and in light of recent N.S.U.N resolutions setting out to heavily disarm member nations, the People's Republic of Coquetvia believes that the national defence of all N.S.U.N nations may come down to a matter of civilians with small arms at some stage in the future. In response to previous N.S.U.N resolutions, the People's Republic of Coquetvia would not support this resolution for further disarmament.
20-06-2005, 19:03
I totally agree that there should be a tougher law on permits for guns. If we don't act quickly many more people will die!

Please try to make it tougher.