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Expanation of proposal

17-06-2005, 01:49
We have received several telegrams asking our government to clarify its reaons for bringing the "Rights of the Disabled" bill to this body for its consideration. The answer is that we feel that those with disabilities, whether physical or mental, deserve the chance to be productive members of society. We assure you all that the disabled are indeed capable of contributing to society, but they do face barriers that others do not. We feel that the existence of discrimination and a de facto segregation is unfair. Should the disabled be effectively barred even from public transportation or public buildings in the name of ecomonic expediency? We think not. Please remember that physical disability does not equal diminished mental capacity. Some of you may have concerns about the disabled applying for jobs they are not physically able to perform. Let me assure you, ladies and gentlemen, that most disabled people have better sense than to apply for a job they know they cannot physically do. Do the mentally disabled deserve to be shunted aside by society? Again, our answer is no. They, too, can contribute. Those worried about their nation's economy would do well to remember that the addition of millions more workers (not to mention consumers) would ultimately have a beneficial effect. In our opinion, the atitude that seems to say "let them fare for themselves" smacks of Social Darwinism at its worst. Who is to decide who is the "fittest"? Also, it has been suggested to us that this is not a matter for governmental interference, but should be done on a private, voluntary basis. Our answer to that, ladies and gentlemen, is that if the disabled have to count on the kindness of their fellow man, they may very well be waiting until doomsday.

(OOC: the reason I made this proposal is that I couldn't help but notice that the issue had not been addressed. Perhaps no one thought of it. I thought of it because I am disabled in RL, and felt this issue deserved a chance to be discussed. BTW, what I said about physical disability not corresponding to mental capacity is true. I, for instance, have an IQ of 140. If I can contribute, so can others. If you don't want to vote for this proposal, that's your right, but I urge you to at least allow it to come up for a vote.)