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Censorship of the Mighty

Bushido Kamigawa
15-06-2005, 23:45
:( :mad: Once again commrades, another mighty nation, Rogue Newbie, has fallen due to illegal actions in the game but by banning him we lost another mighty voice to the oppressors. We need to loosen the rules for banning or at least creat levels for different players that affects the affecting rules on them for all of the other large mouthed speakers!
16-06-2005, 00:10
This is completely irrelevant to the UN. Please, do not post moderation issues here.
Saint Uriel
16-06-2005, 00:31
Fass is right, Bushido. This does not belong in the UN forum.

And secondly, did you even bother to read Rogue's posts before hitting the "submit" button? He was the worst kind of troll and flamer. He could never even attempt to make a point without resorting to personal attacks and myriad profanity. I will admit, I have found the mods to be unnecessarily heavy-handed at times, but this is certainly not one of them. From his very first day, Rogue brought nothing but attacks and vitriol to these forums. He had it coming. He had it coming LONG ago. Cog did all of NationStates a favour by modbombing him. You're also ignoring the fact that the "mighty" nation of Rogue Newbie was, in addition to a trolling flamer, a UN multi, or didn't you know that?
16-06-2005, 00:57
we lost another mighty voice to the oppressors.
Gee, a one-month-old nation being praised as mighty? Gawrsh. Ego runs rampant.