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NationStates Presidential Meet

15-06-2005, 05:54
I don't know if everyone does this, but The Reigon of TMB has chosen one nation inside the reigon to be it's official president. And I, the nations secretary of foreign events would like to extend the olive branch to have our leader meet some of the other leaders, so maybe we could issue a day for the leaders to meet and negotiate.
Venerable libertarians
15-06-2005, 06:19
This my friend is The NSUN, A melting pot of races beings and creeds. You dont need to set a date to chat to others. You can freely discuss and meet the nations of the NSUN in NS via telegram, Here in the UN Jolt Forums Via such threads as the UN Strangers Bar or in off site areas such as the UNO. Telegram my Nation in NS and we would be happy to facilitate your regions Nations with information.