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Two Resolution Proposals

13-06-2005, 15:21
Proposal for Clean Running Cars and Band the Use of Land Mines, looking for endorcements. (Forgive the typos, they're only drafts) Open to modifications

1. Fully Aware: That automobiles, are an important part of national economy.

2. Alarmed by: The amount of pollution produced by nations.

3. Concerned with: The lack of anti-pollution devices, on vehicles

4. Observing: The lack of Goverment controll, funding, and recearch for clean devices for automobiles.

5. Calling upon: Nations to pursue, the technology for cleaner using cars.

6. Strongly Urging: Goverments to provide suport for automobile developers, to regulate pollution out put.

7.Encourages: Funding and research, for clean technology.

8.Further Invites: Other Nations to join, and suport in the persue with cleaner technology.

OPEN USES OF THE SEAS (if this exists, sorry)

1. Fully Aware: The current use, of ocean ports by Nations

2. Calling to Attention: Many areas, reley on sea, use for economic needs

3. Taking Note: National Teritories, and the right to restrict them.

4. Also Taking Note: The issues of National Security issues, with open uses of ports, and coast lines

5. Asking of Nations:

a. To allow full use of sea-side ports, for trade

b. To allow ships to enter teritorial waters, for uses of fishing, while allowing minor restrictions.

c. To allow uses of small/large islands, or ports for refuge.

If you want me to modifie, I will, but you have to be clear and percise. Please, give me a little suport here. And if any exists already, well we'll see.
13-06-2005, 16:05
Where's the Ban the Use of Land Mines proposal? You put up Open Use of the Seas. And it's a good idea to have seperate threads for each proposal.
13-06-2005, 17:16
I wouldn't bother with the ban land mines one anyway, it's been done. (
13-06-2005, 17:18
Good point. It would still be a good idea to actually show people the resolution you promised to show them.
13-06-2005, 22:34
I never promissed, any specific resolution. I just promised two. I did start a ban on land mines, but found it had been done. So I changed. Now, if ANYONE would like to give me endorcements, I am in the Pacific Region You can telegram me.
14-06-2005, 10:51
I never promissed, any specific resolution. I just promised two.
But in your first post in this thread you put:
Proposal for Clean Running Cars and Band the Use of Land Mines
Workers Militias
14-06-2005, 17:04
The workers councils of 'Workers Militias' have unanimously voted to support your proposal.