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League of Nations

12-06-2005, 05:57
As the leader of a reletively new nation, it has come to my attention that the United Nations has taken liberties in dealing with other nations in their group, and that they have struck down its member's national distinction in favor of their so called democracies. The United Nations have maintained the views of the majoity on issues that should be delt with locally. Realising the total monopoly the United Nations has on International relations. I propose the Formation of a League of Nations, which whom will act as a second entity, seperate of that of the United Nations, acting in ways compairible with the United Nations. Though articals are under deliberation, some rules of the acting League of Nations could include a required minimum between 2/3 and 3/4 of the vote needed to pass a resolution, Loose standing articals based around Wilson's 14 points of 1918, and a ban on United Nations members from being active members in the League of Nations

As a seperate body, the compitition would be a healthy thing for the United Nations, and both help the United Nations, which currently has trouble recruiting those who disagree with prior treaties established by the United Nations, and those nations who want to be part of a group whose doctrine is not already established with little hope of reversal.

-CEO of the First National Bank of Bankdom
Hanz Metzger I