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PROPOSAL: Reclamation of Land

Ti Vea
11-06-2005, 11:53
This is a topic to rally possible support and/or changes to a proposal on the subject of the reclamation of land from international waters (i.e. artifical islands). Feel free to post changes you feel should be made. This is my first time putting up a proposal, so feel free to recommend anything.

Reclamation of Land Act
A resolution to establish a firm stance on the economic use of reclamation of land by the establishment of artifical islands from international waters.

Category: Free Trade
Strength: Strong
Proposed by: Ti Vea

Description: NOTING that UN Resolution #75, Law of the Sea, established a firm stance on the right for freedom of travel on the high seas.

OBSERVING that recent leaps in engineering now allow for the reclamation of land from the sea by constructing artifical islands that can substain habitation.

DEFINING artifical islands as any land reclaimed from the ocean.

WE MOVE that the United Nations makes a firm mandate on this topic to keep international disputes on water boundaries by taking the following steps.

1. AFFIRM the right of all nations to use the seas for their economic benefit and therefore their right to construct artifical islands.

2. ESTABLISH new water boundaries in which the nearby nations may build artifical islands. This shall prevent nations from building next to others so as to bottleneck their trade.

3. RESTRICT all such islands from exceeding the length of 20 miles long and 15 miles wide.

4. AFFIRM that such islands will be treated with the same boundaries and restrictions of invasion of water boundaries as natural land masses.