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PROPOSAL: Limits to Sovereignty

08-06-2005, 06:45

This former draft proposal has been submitted as an actual proposal, on page 15 of the proposals list. It has the purpose of boosting the universal economy significantly by creating more space for free trade. We call upon those who are interested in Free Trade, Rights of Free Passage, and Affirmation of Territorial Sovereignty to endorse our proposal, deadline 10 Jun 2005. We are grateful to all those who have given advice and assistance so far.


Proposal: Limits to Sovereignty
Proposer: Roathin
Category: Free Trade
Strength: Significant

A resolution to promote free trade through limiting the extent to which sovereign claims might inhibit such trade.

RECOGNISING the difficulty of maintaining the peaceful use of space and the inhibitory effect of this difficulty on physical transactions across that vast domain;

CONCERNED THAT the free passage of peaceful craft might be forcibly terminated, or that the passage of peaceful sentient beings might be ended through the automatic exercise of sovereign territorial claims, application of deadly force or other means contrary to the principles of the NSUN;

The NSUN hereby resolves that

A limit to claims of sovereignty be established as follows:

1 Claims of sovereignty within three-dimensional space (hereafter referred to as '3DS') are to be endorsed by the NSUN within a specific region defined by relationship to the centre of mass of a body in space.

2 Each claim of territorial sovereignty of space made by an entity recognised by the NSUN must be linked explicitly to a specific body to which they have legal title, with the physical extent of that body in 3DS to be verified to the satisfaction of the NSUN.

3 The extent of such a claim within 3DS must be confined to a maximum radius of 1/6 of a light-second from the centre of mass of that body,

3.1 With the special case that should a body exceed 1/6 of a light-second in radius, the maximum extent of claim should be 1.05 times the radius of such a body;

3.2 With the further clarification that an aggregate body (e.g. a galaxy) in which every individual territorial claim belongs to the same claimant, might be considered as a single body for this purpose, subject to (2) above.

4 The existence of one or more such claims in no way infringes on the right of a claimant to have further claims subject to their legal title to a body for which such a claim be made.

5 The fact that the maximum extent of possible claim based on one body might overlap with another such claim be resolved as follows:

5.1 Since all such extents of claim are spherical, the physical overlap may be bisected by a plane;

5.2 The area of this plane which is in contact with both spheres of claim be the effective common boundary for both.

6 The fact that the actual absolute physical limits of such a claim might change in position with respect to 3DS be resolved as follows, with the general principle that a more static claim overrides a more dynamic one:

6.1 Subject to (5) above, the limit of claim is always considered relative to the body on which the claim is based;

6.2 In the case of a body which is able to change momentum and/or position under the influence of a controlling sentience claiming sovereignty based on it, the claim based on such a body shall be secondary to the claim of a body less capable at that instant of performing such changes;

6.3 In the case of a body which may change its extent significantly within 3DS (e.g. a variable star), using a claim under (3.1) above:

6.3.1 A claim based on such a body shall be either relative to the NSUN-ratified average physical extent of the body in 3DS, or a dynamic claim based on the actual moment-to-moment extent of the body;

6.3.2 The claim based on such a body shall be secondary to that of a body more constant in extent.
08-06-2005, 11:02
Generally it's a better idea to rename the existing thread on a proposal rather than start a new one - that way people can see the existing discussion. Most of it can be found here (, and the rest here (
08-06-2005, 15:24

We apologise at our terrible lack of consideration. Despite our millennia of history as a state, we are as children in the family of the NSUN. (We would not say 'foetuses' or 'infants' for fear of starting something unpleasant.) Thank you, colleague of Safalra. The proposal itself is now on page 15 of the proposals list.
09-06-2005, 14:33
Greetings. This proposal is now on page 10 of the proposals list. We exhort all delegates who believe in free trade, technological progress and the development of space to endorse this proposal. Thank you.