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Repeal: Elimination of Bio Weapons

07-06-2005, 15:28
Repeal "Elimination of Bio Weapons"

A proposal to repeal a previously passed resolution

Category: Repeal

Resolution: #16

Proposed by: Siaka

Description: UN Resolution #16: Elimination of Bio Weapons (Category: Global Disarmament; Strength: Significant) shall be struck out and rendered null and void.

Argument: Calling to mind: "Resolution #16: Elimination of Bio Weapons" does not define what are Bio Weapons.
The ambiguity of Bio Weapons leaves many open interpretations, and may lead to abuse of this resolution.
Propose: Repeal "Elimination of Bio Weapons" so a more sound definition of Bio Weapons may me proposed at a later date.

What bioweapons are is not defined in the resolution so i propose striking this resolution so a new proposal can be written up which is clearly defined and possibly adding chemical weapons in the proposal.
07-06-2005, 15:35
Here is a rough draft of what i what i want to propose is resolution is repealed.

Ban of Biological and Chemical Warfare.

Seeing the indiscriminate destruction Biological and Chemical weaponry has on a nation's population. Propose that Biological and Chemical weaponry baned by all member states.
- Biological Warfare shall be defined as: The use of disease-producing microorganisms, toxic biological products, or organic biocides to cause death or injury to humans, animals, or plants
- Chemical Warfare shall be defined as: Warfare and associated military operations involving the employment of lethal and incapacitating munitions and agents, typically poisons, contaminants, and irritants.

As i said this is just a rough draft what i want to propose later as suggestions would be welcome.
07-06-2005, 16:07
Regarding your definition of chemical weaponry - it covers pretty much any weapon. Explosives, bullets and lasers all count as "lethal and incapacitating munitions". Saying "typically" and then being more specific doesn't technically do anything about this problem - the effect is a bit like saying "including but not limited to".
07-06-2005, 19:32

We are concerned with your definition of biological warfare, as it occurs to us that this definition would include all the 'organic biocides' we use to destroy crop pests and weeds. We are certain that other states which have agricultural concerns would also be alarmed.
07-06-2005, 19:47
I would like to see these definitions fleshed out better. I don't believe that anyone would consider voting for this, as a resolution.