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DRAFT: Repeal National Systems of Tax

Western Saxonia
03-06-2005, 21:52
The United Nations,

RECALLS the recent passage of “National Systems of Tax” on May 31, 2005,

RECOGNIZING the original humanitarian intent of the resolution,

ALSO RECOGNIZING the significant opposition to the resolution, on the grounds that the Resolution:
- PREVENTS, if strictly interpreted, future UN legislation from being passed on the matter of Taxation, a violation of the UN Proposal Rule against changing Game Mechanics.
- ATTEMPTS to indirectly impose progressive tax systems upon member nations, even if some nations would be ideologically opposed to such restrictions.
- CONTRADICTS its fourth clause by allowing for possible revocation of the claimed “individual nations to determine ‘who’, ‘what’, ‘how’, and ‘how much’ to tax” by permitting the UN to “reserve” said right. (#105, Final paragraph)

HEREBY REPEALS Resolution #105, “National Systems of Tax” for the above reasons.

Hello UN Members,

I come before you once again to discuss a repeal of the most recent Resolution, "National Systems of Tax". Some may say I am hellbent on this repeal passing, and they may be right. However, I feel that this repeal would be the first step in preventing future ineffective resolutions from being passed. I would greatly appreciate any feedback on the wording or reasoning behind this Repeal draft.

I would like to credit DemonLordEnigma for providing me (indirectly) with more cohesive and logical arguments against the Resolution than I had previously considered.
Thank you again.
03-06-2005, 21:57
The "CONTRADICTS" portion needs expanded to include an explanation. Otherwise, the only real problem is the time scale. This is too soon after the resolution passed.