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Bring Down National System Of Tax Bill

28-05-2005, 20:12
This bill is redundant and useless. It does nothing to reinforce the power of the U.N, and fails to address concerns some of us have about taxation in some member nations. Additionally, the bill will prevent any further taxation legislation by the U.N without first repealing this bill.

Please help take it down, and conserve the integrity of the UN!
28-05-2005, 22:51
We have a lovely UN forum for discussing UN business. We also have an official topic for such discussions. Look around first, post second, please.

~ Frisbeeteria ~
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The One-Stop Rules Shop NS to UN
29-05-2005, 01:43
From a televised television address by the UN ambassador from The Democratic Republic of Tekonsha.

"...and I would ask, how about we ban it because it violates many principles of national sovereignty that many of us hold in the highest regard when debating the pros and cons of international law. This resolution must not be passed, fo it strips the people in the countries governed by this body of the ability to choose through their own elected officials a coherant fiscal situation for themselves . I will be voting against this proposition and urge the rest of our allies in the Democratic underground to do the same. And I will make an official plea here this evening to the jovian worlds, our region's UN delegate to do the same, excersizing our powers in full to vote this measure down. I thank you for your time, and may the flag of our beloved rupublic fly high for years to come."
29-05-2005, 02:00
A: I thought I closed this dog.

B: Did you notice the big AT VOTE: National Systems of Tax [OFFICIAL DISCUSSION TOPIC] ( topic at the head of the forum? Does the word "OFFICIAL" mean something different in Tekonsha?

Locked. AGAIN.