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An Evil UN?

Wolf daemon
24-05-2005, 23:04
Dont you think we should have an evil UN for evil nations
dont you? :sniper:
The Thirteen Islands
24-05-2005, 23:21
It would be nice if we could have a United Terrorist for the Good of Other Nations Organization, "UT-GONO". Of course that would be sort of senseless as the UN or "NATO" is comprised of "do-good" countries who wish to improve the world; not destroy it. :mp5:
Rogue Newbie
24-05-2005, 23:27
I think we should have another UN for the more conservative nations to move to so that we can compare the economies of overall conservatism versus overall liberalism after various resolutions are passed; at present, the majority of resolutions being passed either appeal to those with liberal political tendencies or those that think with their hearts instead of their brains... which is fine if you honestly believe the former is better, I'm just sayin'.

I also think it'd be funny if all of the UN member nations had their economies collapse due to all of the funding they are required to do in support of the dozens of resolutions that shouldn't recieve international attention, and if a large-scale invasion of all member nations by all non-member-nations occurred, which would inevitably result in the death of us all since we never pass resolutions that are meant to bring us to each other's aid militarily in times of trouble. Of course, this is just the super-biased side of me speaking, so ignore this if you think the UN passes good resolutions and just read the first paragraph.
The Thirteen Islands
24-05-2005, 23:40
I concur
24-05-2005, 23:46
An Evil UN would be cool, although I'm totally against Evil.
24-05-2005, 23:48
An evil UN?
My friends, the UN, by its very nature is evil. :sniper:
Fight the one-world government tyranny!
25-05-2005, 00:19
Not gonna happen. Don't bother proposing it either. That Would Be Bad.

Of course, you could always revive The Official 'I hate the UN' thread ( Looks like we have a whole new generation budding.