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Resolution for the People

23-05-2005, 22:48
As decreed in the Constitution of the Constitutional Monarchy of Anarcala, the Population of the Nation is not to be reduced to any fewer than 50 million people. As discussed by the Government in Anarcala, it has come to our attention that some nations, of equal size as others, have a population downwards of 50 million people. This is an outrage! The wasted space in these rural areas could be used productively to make factories or as irrigation! The nations should be required to have a minimum of 50 million people. As of now, my partner country, The Republic of Psychotic rednecks, shall be enforcing our law all over the world by occupying any countries with the military, until the country has at least 50 million natives. Any comments, questions, or compliances should be sent to The Republic of Psychotic rednecks, through direct telegram. Thank you for your time and compliance.

The Minister of Anarcian Defense.
23-05-2005, 23:02
There has been rioting of a more strict law, like the Reconstruction Plan passed by our President Licoln. The law has, officially been amended to any population lower than 200 million shall either become a Faction of the Alliance, or undeclare nationship. thank you very much.

The Minister of Anarcian defense.
23-05-2005, 23:17
Do you actually have a proposal to discuss? Heaven forbid, was that the actual proposal?
23-05-2005, 23:49
A few things:

1. Please do not post here unless you have something directly related to the UN. As Neo so delicately put it, heaven forbid that was the actual proposal.
2. Even if that was the proposal, is it blantantly game mechanics-related and therefore against the rules. Please read this thread ( before posting anything else like this.
3. The starting population for new nations has always been 5 million, and will always be 5 million, because there is no point in changing it. If you really feel like making a fuss over it, go post in this forum... ( but check out the link in my signature first.

I don't mean to sound rude by saying all that, but unrelated posts aren't tolerated very well in this forum, in the UN forum especially.