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United Nations Underwater and Marine Agency

Of Cascadia
20-05-2005, 20:06
I submitted this resolution already. However, other members have suggested that it needs more editing and that Law of the Sea be repealed first. If anyone has any suggestions, please post them.

The NationStates United Nations,

RECOGNIZING the need for each nation to govern and protect its waters from dangers such as, but not limited to, pollution, piracy, over fishing and marine accidents.

NOTING that pollution of and dumping untreated waste in rivers and oceans causes’ health and environmental problems in that and other nations' waters.

NOTING that piracy in both national and international waters can be a problem for maritime trade.

NOTING that over fishing will cause depletion of an important source of food and economic activity for all nations and cause severe environmental damage.

FURTHER NOTING marine accidents cause trade losses and damage to the environment.

DECLARES that the following will be made law in all member nations:

(1) The UN shall create a United Nations Underwater and Marine Agency (UNUMA) that will carry out this resolution.

(2) This agency shall be divided into four departments.

(a) Environment: Stop and prevent pollution of all waters. Also cleans up existing pollution and preserves marine habitats and life.

(b) Research: Researches the life in and waters of the seas and waterways.

(c) Marine Safety: Regulates the building, operation and salvaging of all ships, ports and other maritime sites and equipment. Also patrols international waters to rescue people and prevent piracy.

(3) All nations will take all steps necessary to protect the waters under their control from the above dangers.

(4) Each nation shall cooperate with UNUMA and all other nations in matters regarding the seas and waterways that do not endanger each nation’s security.

(5) UNUMA shall be funded by donations from member nations. All nations can choose if they want to participate in UNUMA.
Fatus Maximus
20-05-2005, 23:00
Committees may be created, as long as certain things are kept in mind: nations do not sit on committees, they are staffed by mystical beings that instantly spring into existance and live only to serve on said committee. Committees are also bound by the above MetaGame rules. Also, keep in mind that Committees are additions to Proposals; they shouldn't be all the Proposal does.

This draft is probably illegal. Can you downplay the importance of the actual agency in the next one? And I'm uncertain whether an anti-piracy force would be considered a UN police force, which is illegal.
20-05-2005, 23:19
This is the exact proposal from , with no changes at all. Please don't post a new thread on the same subject - edit your original post or add a post instead.

If you can't see all threads in these forums, you need to adjust your settings to Show All Threads. It's in your profile under Edit Options, IIRC.