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Global Health Care Rights Proposal

Anime Raiders
03-05-2005, 22:56
Our nation (Anime Raiders) has put up for consideration a proposal for Health Care rights. Interestingly enough, it is entitled "Global Health Care Rights" and is searchable as such. We invite all delegates to come view our proposal and decide if it should be debated by the General Assembly. If you support our proposal, your vote is due by May 5, 2005.

Thank you.

C. Reed
Chief Anime Raider
Venerable libertarians
04-05-2005, 00:30
It is cosidered good form to post a copy of your proposal here. I have done it for you, this time.

Global Health Care Rights
A resolution to reduce income inequality and increase basic welfare.

Category: Social Justice
Strength: Significant
Proposed by: Anime Raiders

Description: Global Health Care Rights – Health Care Without Borders

We, the Empire of Anime Raiders, forward this proposal to the General Assembly in order to promote health care around the globe.

Whereas it has become clear that even in the most advanced nations sometimes people fall through the cracks in terms of the ability to obtain health insurance and/or health care,

Whereas certain developing nations offer health care at reduced rates in order to improve their own economies and promote tourism,

Whereas certain health procedures are available in some countries and not available in others,


It shall be the policy of the United Nations to promote travel for healthcare purposes, in order to insure appropriate health care for all. Tariffs and/or appropriate penalties shall be imposed upon nations that restrict travel for the purposes of healthcare.

Approvals: 11 (CNYSkinFan, Land Air and Sea, The Shadow-Kai, Juggalando, Ubershizasianaxis, Tsel, Rad1101, Quick quack quo, Fishy19, Secondzflat, Docile Ducks)

Status: Lacking Support (requires 137 more approvals)

Voting Ends: Thu May 5 2005
04-05-2005, 08:34
The problem is that everyone would flock to countries with free healthcare from countries with no free healthcare, thus bankrupting countries with free healthcare.
Plus, basic healthcare is already guaranteed by previous resolutions.
04-05-2005, 08:41
We'll allow you to travel to our nation. However, Customs will be keeping you at the airport.

Ahhh, loopholes.

And we're not paying for everyone's health care just because we're good at it and pay for a first-class, first-world health care system.
The Lynx Alliance
04-05-2005, 09:40
obviously another one not reading the rules... i believe we have resolutions on health care (RBH, RBH Replacement)
04-05-2005, 11:33
The author appears to have presumed that all nations operate insurance schemes for healthcare rather than universal provision through taxation.

We will not support this proposal.

Mathieu Vergniaud
Deputy Speaker to the UN