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New Proposal Idea..

Free Borderlands
01-05-2005, 23:15
My proposal, which i hope does not overstep the boundaries created for creating proposals is the ability/allowment of anti-nuclear satellite defence systems created within certain regions to protect themselves from either:
A. Rogue Nations
B. Terrorist
C. Other Countries within their region

Not all of the above may be used because of proposal limitations. I just want to see public reaction and too see if its able to be proposal material. Remember, its just a thought right now.
02-05-2005, 00:22
Surely you only need an anti-nuclear satellite defence system to defend your country against ballistic missiles, regardless of where they come from, and regardless of the type of warhead they carry?

I'm not sure if this overlaps existing regulations. Have you read them recently?
The Lynx Alliance
02-05-2005, 02:34
there is nothing stopping you from setting up this system anyway, so i think it would be a waste of time.