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[Discussion] IMSB's Open Maritime Hazards Chart (reviews and criticisms invited!)

01-05-2005, 18:32
The modern seas are full of commerce and civilian and military traffic in every concievable sea lane, through every corner of the oceans. Despite this density of seafaring vessels, much of the maritime navigational hazards that fill the world remain uncharted, even by the most active government and militaries. However, when a chart for naval officers is developed by a military or government, it often remains classified and is not available to corporations or civilians that may be suspectible to such hazards. Eventual declassification often releases an outdated map that does not provide accurate information.

The delegate from Lindim suggests the draft of a proposal that utilizes the IMSB to develope a programme whose task is that of providing a public, continually updated maritime hazards chart that would be available in many languages and maritime navigation standards. Such a proposal would have to be detailed and quite specific, setting achievable goals through ready means.

The proposal would need several sections and attributes. First, it would be necessary to -----------------------------, as the standing UN resolution on international maritime law. Also listed would be the means available to the IMSB, such as the limits of the utilization of UN Member States own hazards charts. For the actual operation, the source of the many ships, manpower, and funds needed for the task would be necessary to delineate. And the publication of the Open Maritime Hazards Chart would of course be mentioned.

Suggested beginning, but this is by no means canonical... NOTE: THIS HAS BEEN FIXED AND HEAVILY CHANGED

See updated version below
The Yoopers
01-05-2005, 22:02
The way that you have written this, it is an amendment. In order for a proposal to be legal, it has to be able to stand on it's own. This is in case the refrenced resolution is repealed. Just rewrite it to simply require that public charts be created and kept up to date. This can stand on it's own, you don't even have to refer to the other one.
01-05-2005, 22:41
Should it say something like, "This chart should be created by a bureau of maritime safety. If no such bureau exists, then one shall be created."? Would that be legal?

I really like this proposal! I hope it gets approved, when it's perfected.
01-05-2005, 23:05
No Yoopers, it is not an amendment. It is using a previously established Bureau in order to stop creating even more committees, (as I believe the mods would like,) but it is not an amendment in any way. If you do believe it is, let me know why. Thanks!

Claverton, thanks for your support. I would have liked to create another Bureau, but The Most Glorious Hack's Draft Rules suggest not making any more organizations, and besides, the IMSB's goal fits in with this resolution's purpose perfectly.

If you have any ideas for refinement and additions, just post them here! I'm working on clearer operative clauses as we speak....
01-05-2005, 23:11
A good idea.
You'll need to add something about amendments to the charts (most notably, new shipwrecks) being sent out daily at a specified time of the day on a specified wavelength, so they can be added to charts on board ships.

This exists in RL.
02-05-2005, 02:23
I was thinking about a similar idea, but then wouldn't that be another resolution by itself? Or should there be an expanded proposal that establishes a maritime safety board, like what Claverton suggested, that both makes the OMHC and the shipwreck bulletin...

Or maybe I could just incorporate it into the OMHC.
The Lynx Alliance
02-05-2005, 02:42
being that our nation is an island off the coast of mainland Final Fantasy, we would be interested in this. before making changes though, i suggest that you pass it by a moderator, as it might actually be borderline legal. if it was illegal, then the Humanitarian Intervention resolution would be illegal, as it uses TPP that was set up by the EON convention resolution
02-05-2005, 03:20
A mod will see the final draft, of course.
02-05-2005, 04:21
As long as it depends on the continued viability of an existing resolution, it is considered an amendment, and is therefore illegal. If it can't stand on its own, it won't be considered.

~ Frisbeeteria ~
NationStates Forum Moderator

Resolution #75, "Law of the Sea," is an excellently designed resolution
The Law of the Sea is widely acknowledged as illegal as written. It tries to do too many things in too many different categories. It snuck onto the floor of the General Assembly when the UN mods weren't looking, and only that kept it from being deleted. You would be better served repealing it and working up several different replacements, each in their proper category.
02-05-2005, 11:35
*sighs* Well, question then. If it removes all references to #74, and creates its own Bureau, will it be okay? This proposal isn't dependent on #74, I was just trying to follow those Draft Rules of TMGH....
02-05-2005, 20:54
Oh, I'm working on a new draft that does not mention #74, but for the record this was never an amendment or anything close to an appeal. UN Resolutions rountinely cite past ones in order to build a precedent. Thanks, I guess. :)
Grand Teton
02-05-2005, 21:39
Is good, perhaps the Universal Library would be a suitable means of distributing the charts. Make sure the remit of the resolution covers inland seas as well.
02-05-2005, 21:46
Check the new thread for the updated one. I made "maritime hazards" vague enough that it would cover any body of water open to seafaring vessels. But I'll put that in anyways. Thanks.
The Lynx Alliance
03-05-2005, 13:15
Check the new thread for the updated one. I made "maritime hazards" vague enough that it would cover any body of water open to seafaring vessels. But I'll put that in anyways. Thanks.
you really should have put it in here, makes for a mess otherwise, and more than likly a mod will do it anyway
03-05-2005, 13:18
Okay, your view is understood, but instead of where to post this and such I would appreciate any constructive criticism relating to the actual proposal.

Open Maritime Hazards Chart
Catergory: Free Trade
Strength: Significant

NOTING the importance of international shipping to the global economy,

ALARMED BY the incalcuable loss in trade and commerce caused by shipwrecks all over the globe,

DEEPLY REGRETTING the many lives lost in the destruction or damage of seafaring vessels,

RECOGNIZING the need for reliable maritime hazard navigational charts open to civilians and private enterprises,

the United Nations

RECOMMENDS the establishment of an OMHC task force dedicated to the creation of a publicly available maritime hazards chart that would address every major body of water available to seafaring vessels;

SUGGESTS the formation of a separate OMHC fund that would support the activities of the task force, through purchases of necessity for ships, personnel, and equipment, monetarily supplied by UN Member States;

REQUESTS the task force's access to any non-classified navigation materials of UN Member States;

AUTHORIZES the use of United Nation publishing means, be they electronic or print, to publish the OMHC in every commonly used language;

EMPHASIZES the need for the OMHC to be annually updated after its initial publication by a reconvention of the task force; and

URGES the task force to be comprised of experienced sailors, meterologists, cartographers, and various other experts wholly prepared for such an undertaking.
The Lynx Alliance
03-05-2005, 13:26
in all honesty.... it looks good. i believe if it is set up, the Frosbitarian sailors in our north would be happy to help out in mapping around our island and also in other Final Fantasy regional and international waters
Grand Teton
03-05-2005, 18:42
Yep I like it as it stands. I am so sick of sinking. Those underwater kingdoms just keep smirking as I go past :mad: