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PROPOSAL: Cleaner energy sources

30-04-2005, 06:41
Description: RECOGNIZES
1. That the world WILL run out of oil in 40-100 years.
2. The increasing oil consumption.
3. Oil's great influence to economy.
4. Oil's harmful influence to nature.

1. That people around the world need automobiles every day.
2. That oil is used as an energy source worldwide.

1. All member nations to support the research for cleaner fuels.
2. All member nations to use more cleaner energy sources, like solar power, if possible.

And finally, NOTES
1. The increasing gas prices.
2. That the era of oil will soon be over.

We have to get rid of that black liquid, which we're so addicted to, and we'd better start now. I'm sure that most NSers agree with me.
The Lynx Alliance
30-04-2005, 07:29
IC: whilst we may agree with this on an enviromental basis...
OOC: we think you have confused NS with RL. there is nothing to say that oil is finite in the NationStates realm, nor is there evidence that oil is a great infulence on most economies.

as it stands, this will not have our support, because it makes too many assumptions, and seems to be heavily based IRL, not INS
30-04-2005, 09:07
*looks at Vastiva's MASSIVE profits from oil*

Like hell we do.