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Making business sectors more democratic and successful based on real working model

22-04-2005, 02:38
making business sectors more democratic based on real working model
This suggestion is meant to encourage worker-controlled factories and agricultural programs in a democratic way for the benefit of communities and the economy as a whole. It is modeled off the labor organization in Yugoslavia until the fall of the USSR, who was their major trading partner, led to it's destruction.
Workers were able to democratically determine their wages, levels of production, and decide how to divide company surplus into community institutions like hospitals and schools. During the near 50 years this was in place the economic growth of Yugoslavia was comparable to that of the other leading world economies and they had the most even distribution of wealth (i.e. no poverty and no extreme wealth hoarders)than any other country in the world. This form of labor organization need not clash with capitalism. Companies can still take part in an open capitalist market.

We propose that states commit a small portion of their budgets to the establishment of a few factories organized in this way to "plant the seeds" so to speak without imposing the structure on unwilling citizens. The success of smaller businesses will encourage the voluntary participation by others and lead to stronger economies and better standards of living and working for all.
Venerable libertarians
22-04-2005, 02:41

Is there a proposal in here some where?
Also whats wrong with the Normal Font? It hurt my eyes to read your submission.
22-04-2005, 02:43
sorry.. first timer:)
Venerable libertarians
22-04-2005, 02:48
The Font corrections have helped. We were all N00bies once :)
I suggest you read the Sticky on how to submit a proposal. You may find it very Helpful.

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